Sunday, January 31, 2010

Huntington Beach surfer and Labrador fun...

There's nothing we like better than going out and about with our Labrador Cooper whenever we can. This weekend we decided to venture down to Huntington Dog Beach again to throw a few tennis balls and tire out our twenty-one month old pup along the sandy shore.
Huntington Dog Beach Cooper
After the glut of blog entries about movies and billboards around L.A. I thought it would be nice to round out the month with some pictures of Cooper at play for all his admirers.
Huntington Beach pup and surfers
Being the New Year and also almost two years since we've been living in California (oh, how time flies), I thought it was about time I mastered driving on the scary L.A. freeways.
Huntington Dog Beach Happy Labrador
As a recap to any newcomers, before I moved here I relied on public transport to get around in London, but learnt to drive out of necessity when I moved to Los Angeles.
Huntington Dog Beach high tide
Up until now I've avoided traveling about on the crazy freeways and so the good news is we survived the journey there and back (unless you wouldn't be reading this), and surprisingly I felt more confident behind the wheel than I thought I'd be.
Huntington Dog Beach surf pup
Anyway, so intent were we on going to the beach that we didn't factor in the high tide at this Orange County beach, as usually our most pressing concern is getting on the road early before it gets too busy.
Huntington Beach surfer
Cooper pretty much pulled us down to the beach in his excitement and it may not have been as sunny as our last visit, but it's January and we were at the beach, so no complaints here.
Huntington Beach surfer wipe out
In addition to chasing his tennis balls and frisbee, Cooper was also bemused by all the surfers and tried on several occasions to follow them into the ocean.
Racing along Huntington Dog Beach
As the tide was so high we couldn't walk along the mile-long off-leash stretch of sand like last time and there seemed to be much more debris on the shore, maybe from the recent stormy weather.
Huntington Dog Beach
Regardless of all that, Cooper still had great fun racing about the beach.
Huntington Beach racing Labrador
The waves were also very impressive and it's no wonder that it's a favourite with local surfers as well as dog lovers in the area.
Huntington Dog Beach waves
The current certainly looked a bit too strong for dogs to be swimming safely, but that didn't stop Cooper from splashing through the surf to cool off.
Huntington Dog Beach frisbee fun
Our pup didn't mind not being able to swim too much, as he still had the opportunity to try out some new toys he'd received for Christmas. Plus he managed to find and lose equal numbers of tennis balls along the shore all morning.
FRisbee fun Huntington Dog Beach
After playtime was over we decided to make the most of the day and drive to lunch at Aroma Cafe in Studio City and joined everyone else getting some sunshine in the outdoors after all the recent rain.

Then in the evening, whilst our exhausted pup slept we ventured out for dinner with a friend to Taste on Melrose. So all in all, a fun-filled day to round out the month.
Huntington Beach tired Labrador
And finally for January for those of you who don't follow my updates on Twitter on facebook fan page, I did have two celebrity sightings this month.

First up was pop star Miley Cyrus (of Hannah Montana fame) last Sunday 24th January at a clothes boutique along Melrose Avenue (just off Robertson Blvd) and secondly Scottish actor Kevin MicKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy and was Lucius Vorenus in Rome, at the end of his walk with three spaniels at Runyon Canyon on Tuesday 26th January.
Huntington Beach ocean fun
Sadly no paparazzi pictures, bit hopefully February will be more eventful.

Maybe someone famous will be at The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown L.A. today when we enjoy the Beethoven concert...

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