Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Lab Pack...

Early most weekday mornings you'll find Cooper running around at Runyon Canyon with his 'Lab Pack'.
Runyon Canyon Labrador fun
He has friends in every flavour, chocolate, black and on some days yellow Labradors too.
Labradors chasing balls
The best thing about our pup being able to play with other Labradors is that they play exactly the same and seem to know how to do the rough and tumble without ever going too far (that is not turning aggressive like some other dogs) and all have so much energy to expend.
Labradors racing up and down Runyon Canyon
Cooper's pals include Woody, a chocolate Labrador, who Cooper tends to roughhouse with at the beginning and end of his walk.
Cooper and his labrador pals at play
Most other times he's the shadow to Tikka, the black Labarador, and the tennis balls she's equally obsessed with.
Labrador fun at Runyon Canyon
Rounding out the photogenic pack is new addition to the troupe, Sienna, another slightly smaller chocolate Labrador.
Happy Labradors
Some days there are also two more yellow Labradors, Finn and Riley, to join in the fun, but not today.
Labrador pit stop
As you can imagine they make quite a sight frolicking around the Runyon Canyon trail.
Panting Labrador pup
There's always lots of smiles around when the playing pack goes by (although sometimes some concern on the steeper slopes too).
Happy tired Labradors
In between the playing there's always time for water breaks and they always know their usual shaded pit-stops (although that may have something to do with treat time).
Labrador pack fun
But it's not long before it's back to the fun and games, wherever their adventures may take them (usually in bushes, up and down slopes and in puddles of dirty water).
Ball obsessed Labradors
Nearing the end of the walk and there's nothing like satisfied, tired Labradors to make you feel like you've done a good job exercising them and the thought you'll get a few hours break whilst they sleep.
Tired Labradors
As you can see, there's a reason why Cooper gets so excited about going to Runyon Canyon...

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