Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Luckily a Leap Year only happens once every four years...

January really isn't the best time for new film releases is it, especially if Daybreakers and Leap Year are anything to go by anyway.
Leap Year film billboard
There really isn't that much to Amy Adams and Matthew Goode's new romantic comedy. It is a sweet movie, but it lacks originality and doesn't really have that much story or plot to pad it out. Thankfully the two main leads are extremely likable and so I'd rate it a two ** star chick-flick at best.

The general premise follows Adams as she heads off to Ireland to propose to her cardiologist boyfriend of four years or so, who still hasn't popped the question. Being a Leap Year (strangely 2010 is not), it's an Irish tradition for women to propose on the 29th February.

Bad weather brings her plane down in Wales (my homeland), which makes few a few comic moments at Cardiff International Airport, with 'Beryl' and her stewardess colleague, but ultimately my interest wanes by the time she makes it across the sea to Ireland.

She arrives in a small village complete with country pup, run by Matthew Goode, and from there the predictable happens, with lots of Irish stereotypes thrown in for good measure.
Leap Year movie poster
There are no real surprises and it's not as if it showcases the beauty of the Irish countryside as the scenery and weather conditions are often quite bleak, but there's something about Adams and Goode that make you want to stay until the end to see who she'll choose (which you know anyway, but how they get there is what keeps you watching).

It's certainly not essential cinema viewing, but makes for a pleasant 100 minutes distraction (although I'd wait for the DVD if I were you).

Let's hope Amy Adams only does a movie like this once every four years as her track record so far has been quite good (Enchanted, Doubt, Sunshine Cleaning and Julie & Julia to name but a few successes)...

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