Friday, January 29, 2010

More cool film, TV and fashion billboards around L.A. in January 2010...

Earlier this month I mentioned that there were a lot of new billboards popping up around L.A. for January compared to last year, so as I promised, here is that second batch of movie, TV show and fashion advertising for you to enjoy.

Movie billboards
Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland billboard
I do like this quirky billboard along Sunset Boulevard for Disney's new Alice in Wonderland movie and it really does stand out from a distance.

What I do wonder though is if Tim Burton's take on Lewis Carroll's world (with one of his favourite collaborators, Johnny Depp as 'The Mad Hatter') will have a broad enough appeal, as Burton's movies do tend to have a niche appeal.
Nine musical movie billboard
There wasn't much publicity for the musical movie Nine amidst the skies of L.A., which may have contributed to its failure at the box office. It's a shame as it may have its flaws but it is an enjoyable film, with a smattering of leading ladies, but I suppose it's not as familiar a musical as Chicago or Mamma Mia (which are still playing on Broadway and London's West End).
Tooth Fairy film billboard
Tooth Fairy may not be for everyone, but this billboard with a winged Dwayne Johnson certainly does catch your eye are you drive past.
Valentine's Day movie billboard
Looking ahead to February, Valentine's Day seems to have a plethora of famous faces, with storytelling reminiscent of Love Actually. The trailer looks OK, but this is the type of movie which could be great or could go horribly wrong I fear. let's wait and see.

Fashion billboards
Calvin Klein Jeans body billboard
January saw another execution of the Calvin Klein Jeans 'Body' campaign featuring actress Eva Mendes and male model Jamie Dornan. They are certainly getting their monies worth out of this shoot, but I wonder how many more creatives they have before there's wear out for this particular set of images.

TV Billboards
Damages TV billboard
I love this simple, yet striking billboard for the third season of Damages, especially framed by that dramatic cloudy sky.
Temple Grandin TV billboard
Claire Danes radiant smile can't help but catch your eye in this billboard for biographical story of autistic Temple Grandin.
SHHH Santa adult swim billboard
Christmas may be over, but this fun festive billboard for Adult Swim stuck around for most of January. Usually I'm quite unforgiving of seasonal ads that outstay their welcome, but I quite like this quirky billboard, although I do hope it's replaced with something new soon.
Shear Genius Bravo TV billboard
And finally for TV is this clever billboard for the new season of the haircutting show, Shear Genius, on Bravo. The series doesn't have the same gravitas Project Runway or Top Chef, but it has the same reality competition formula and is fun to watch.

If you like these eye-catching billboards be sure to visit my new blog that celebrates the creativity and spectacle of billboard advertising every day at Daily Billboard.

But don't worry you'll still be able to enjoy a round-up of the best billboards around L.A. every month here at Jason in Hollywood...

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