Sunday, January 17, 2010

U.K. under snow from space...

A friend mentioned this must-see picture of the U.K. covered in snow, taken from a satellite above the Earth, and I couldn't resist showcasing it.
UK under snow satellite picture
I've always thought the shape of mainland Britain looked amazing (just like Italy's unique boot shape), but it looks even more dramatic as a winter wonderland.
Snowy London February 2009
The last two times we've visited home we've experienced snow and flown back over the white patchwork countryside.
Above the clouds snowy Manchester 2009
It's so unusual to see Britain so wintery white and what would be even more bizarre would be seeing L.A. under a blanket of snow.

Apparently even though there's no sign of snow here, it sounds like this week will be cold and wet in sympathy of the U.K.'s wintery weather.

Umbrellas at the ready...

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