Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen West Hollywood tributes...

I was just as shocked as everyone else to hear that iconic British fashion designer Alexander McQueen had died.
Alexander McQueen Melrose Avenue store
Here are just a few images of the floral tributes and messages he's received from West Hollywood residents and fans of his work.
Alexander McQueen West Hollywood fan tributes
Only on Tuesday this week, a day before he allegedly committed suicide in his London home on the morning of Wednesday 11th February 2010, I'd walked down to the corner of Melrose and Orlando Avenues to take a photograph of the amazing new fashion billboard, featuring a model writhing in colourful snakes, above his flagship L.A. store.
Melrose Avenue Alexander McQueen store
At the time I'd noticed that they were posting new skull imagery for his eyewear range in the boutique's windows and on reflection they seem oddly eerie after the shocking news of his death.
Alexander McQueen West Hollywood empty store widows
Today the store's windows were clear of any merchandise, with only a statement from his family on display asking for privacy in order to come to terms with the terrible news.
Lee Alexander McQueen was only 40 and had already been named 'British Designer of the Year' four times between 1996 and 2003 and he was also a recipient of a CBE (Commander - Order of the British Empire).
Alexander McQueen West Hollywood tributes
In addition to the flowers and candles left in his honour, messages written on the store's glass doors included:

"The only true 'artist in fashion'. We love you".

"The best designer".

"Love you forever".
Alexander McQueen Melrose Avenue store tributes
I even saw a mother and daughter walking away in tears after they'd paid their respects. So you can see the news has had an impact on both sides of the Atlantic, and I'm sure with his admirers all over the world.
Alexander McQueen West Hollywood floral tributes
I know it sounds strange, but I've walked past the Alexander McQueen Melrose Avenue store for almost two years now on regular walks with our Labrador Cooper, and admired the men's fashion through the window, so on a personal level it was sad to hear the news.

It's always upsetting when someone dies, no matter who they are, but it's such a shame when someone so talented dies who has been able to shine a spotlight on British fashion.

Rest in peace...

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