Saturday, February 13, 2010

Plans to Save the Peak where the Hollywood Sign lives...

This is a sight you don't ordinarily see in L.A., a cry for help to 'Save the Peak', resting atop Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills.
Save the Peak Hollywood Sign protest
Usually the infamous Hollywood Sign can be seen from miles around, but apparently plans to purchase the land surrounding the legendary 'filmland' sign and turn it into luxury housing has caused the 'Trust for Public Land' to take drastic action.
The Hollywood Sign
They have sponsored this 'Save the Peak' temporary makeover of Los Angeles' most famous landmark in an effort to publicise the plight of this world famous tourist attraction and to help raise $12.5 million by 14th April 2010 to buy the surrounding 138-acres of land and add it to Griffith Park.
Save the Peak Hollywood protest stand
They started covering the Hollywood Sign on Thursday 11th February and plan to keep it covered until Tuesday after the Presidents' Day holiday.
Hollywood Sign Save the Peak protest
I can't imagine why the Californian state government could allow a development to happen so close to one its most iconic landmarks, but I suppose with so much money at stake, they would be willing to allow anything.
Save the Peak Sign Hollywood Hills
I hope that people will come out in support of this preservation project and the Hollywood Sign will continue to be the only star in the spotlight at the top of the peak...

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