Thursday, February 11, 2010

Runyon Canyon washed away by the recent rain...

Be careful where you step at Runyon Canyon after all the heavy rain and thunderstorms, as you may just go sliding down a slippery slope.
Runyon Canyon steps Feb 2010
The last few days have been a bit treacherous underfoot, so I thought I'd bring you an update on the terrain accompanied by my intrepid companion, Cooper (after all it is his favourite hiking trail in L.A.).
Runyon Canyon Labrador Cooper
Those wooden sleepers look solid, but they are deadly when wet, so take care coming down, especially as the rain has washed a lot of the ground from beneath them.
Water damage Runyon Canyon Feb 10
It's probably not the best time to be exercising there either, as there is a lot of loose gravel and dirt making the slopes even more slippery than usual (although it didn't stop Desperate Housewives star, Shawn Pyfrom, jogging there yesterday).
Runyon Canyon slippery slopes
With all the rain gouged pot-holes you're also likely to twist an ankle or trip over (especially with big dogs bounding by as they play).
Runyon Canyon after the rain Feb 10
As you walk the off-leash dog park and hiking trail you can see the damage done by the recent heavy rain and the resulting water run-off, washing mud and rocks onto the paths.
Runyon Canyon hiking trail holes
As you can imagine Cooper was oblivious to the dangers of all the loose mud and the steep drops off the side of the man-made road, so be sure to keep an eye on your dog to avoid any accidents.
Runyon Canyon roadside damage
You never know what's in the bottom of those trenches, or how unstable they are.
Runyon Canyon heavy rain fallout
Let's hope we've seen the last of the torrential rain storms. Long may the sun shine.
February 2010 rain damage Runyon Canyon
However it's not all bad news and there is an upside to the recent weather. Runyon Canyon hasn't looked this lush and verdant green in a long time.
Lush green Runyon Canyon
Just remember to watch your step...

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