Monday, February 8, 2010

Stop in the name of love...

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I was wondering whether I'd see a new rooftop display in my neighbourhood to mark the occasion and I wasn't disappointed.
Stop in the name of love
Check out ChadMichael Morisette's latest rooftop creation which is suitably eye-catching and celebratory of the day for lovebirds everywhere.
Stop the H8
A faux-Diana Ross and The Supremes adorn the rooftop, resplendent in red sequins, to spread the joy of love with their 1965 number-one single 'Stop! In the Name of Love'.
Supremes Valentine's roof display
As always, the display comes with a thought-provoking message and this one is all about stopping the hate, achieving equality for same-sex couples and repealing the odious Proposition 8 (well that's what I got from it anyway).
Hollywood Valentine's rooftop display
I wasn't the only one impressed by the installation this time as when I stopped to take some pictures, I joined someone else snapping away on their camera.

Let's hope this display survives the forecasted rain tomorrow and continues to share its message of fun, love and equality.
Stop the hate rooftop display
Spread love, stop the hate...

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