Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jesus is coming (look busy)...

With Easter looming just around the corner, I'm loving the latest tongue-in-cheek rooftop creation by ChadMichael Morisette.
Jesus is coming! Look Busy
I couldn't help but smile when I saw this, I think very convincing, 'Jesus' adorning this rooftop along Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood. And it's actually a very subdued installation compared to previous Easter creations.
Rooftop Jesus display
'Jesus is coming! (Look busy)', indeed.

For my part, to keep busy in the last few days I've upgraded my phone to an iphone, joined a new gym (Equinox on Sunset Boulevard) and have been racing about town photographing fantastic new advertisement sites for my Daily Billboard blog (for Tron Legacy, The Tudors, Doctor Who and Glee, to name but a few).
Jesus Easter rooftop display
I shall also keep myself busy in the next few days by planning our Labrador Cooper's second birthday celebrations (I'm thinking hats, balloons, cake and a big parade down Santa Monica Boulevard).

Remember to keep busy folks unless you won't get any yummy Easter eggs...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Garden of antique angels...

In the Design Quarter of N. La Cienega Boulevard you'll find not only an eclectic mix of stores selling vintage wares and antique vendors, but also a small patio filled with all manner of statues, including a host of stone angels.
Antique angel statue
These particular masonry angels were found nestled in front of Chateau Allegre.
Stone angel statue
My search for angels in L.A. has taken me to many places, but it's funny how you can have an angel sighting by just walking down the street.
Angel statue
Let the angelic quest continue...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whatever possessed me to go see Repo Men...?

Well maybe that title is a little unfair, as it's not that I didn't enjoy the movie, it's just I knew I wouldn't be entirely satisfied with it when I'd seen it.

I always hope that sci-fi movies will be better than they are, but there's always something that disappoints, be it low budget, weak story or bad acting. Repo Men didn't necessary suffer too badly from most of these, but ultimately it felt a bit lackluster. I do question what possesses me to see these films that never quite measure up to expectations.
Repo Men movie poster
Imagine a world not too far in the future where a company called The Union can provide synthetic organs for your health problem, but at a cost. If you can't afford their repayment plan they send the debt collectors to reclaim the merchandise, whether it be your beating heart, or liver or kidneys. It's corporate greed taken to the nth degree.
Repo Men teaser film poster
Jude Law is one of these 'Repo Men' who initially has no qualms about reclaiming company property, that is until when on a life threatening accident on a mission he finds himself the recipient of his own artificial heart and discovers he no longer has the heart for killing other people or his job. Ironically enough he loses a heart and gets a conscience.
Repo Men Heart movie poster
That's the premise of the movie and when he goes rogue he's tracked down by his fellow Repo Men, including his partner and best pal, played by Forest Whitaker.

It's quite a well imagined futuristic world, especially the city at night, but I was a bit disappointed by where Jude Law and his family lived as it looked too like modern day suburbia.
Repo Men Eyeball movie poster
Obviously with the subject matter of organ reclamation it's a quite brutal and gory movie at times, with lots of slicing and oozing blood.

The movie has some good visuals scenes like when the organ repayment dodgers are being hunted down like cattle by Repo Men in the tenements. Plus the seemingly endless organ manufacturing white room in The Union's headquarters is an impressive visual.
Repo Men Liver movie poster
Jude Law makes an interesting choice for action hero, coming off the back of his strong comedic performance as Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes, although how he retained his British accent when he supposedly grew up in America with his best friend Forest Whitaker seems a bit absurd.

There's also the expected double-cross and lots of chase scenes through derelict buildings that make the story all a bit predictable and typical sci-fi fare.
Repo Men Kidney movie poster
The second half of the movie gets consistently more preposterous, but then it's kind of rescued by the actual surprise ending, which may not be that much of a surprise to some. But for me it made sense and explained a lot.
Repo Men Organs x-ray film poster
Repo Men mixes black humour with this artificial organ sci-fi concept, that makes it all the more strange when the Jude Law finds himself as the underdog against the big corporation, as it's hard to take has stance to take down the company serious as it all feels a bit of a joke.

I give Repo Men three *** stars as it's far more watchable than other recent sci-fi/fantasy movies Daybreakers and Legion, but only just.

Let's just hope Clash of the Titans lives up to the hype and isn't just a 3D travesty to moan about...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Add another accolade - Recommended by Dogster...

I'm proud to say that Jason in Hollywood has been recognised by Dogster as one of their favourite sites, no doubt for the fabulous coverage of our wonderful yellow Labrador Cooper.

Almost 2 year old yellow Labrador Cooper
2 year old yellow Labrador Cooper has a community of over one million members and so it's great to receive their 'Recommended by Dogster' award.
Dogster award
For any new visitors reading this, here's the main reason why this authority on dogs likes this blog, Cooper and his Labrador pals.

Cooper's Chocolate Labrador pals
Woody and Antibes
Chocolate Labradors
Make sure you check out his latest exploits at the dog beach in Santa Barbara and come back again for more of his on-going adventures.

Chocolate Labrador Antibes
Chocolate Labrador
If you're wondering why Cooper looks so tired in this final picture, it's because he spent the morning racing around Runyon Canyon looking for tennis balls and playing with all the other dogs.

Tired pup Cooper
Tired 2 year old yellow Labrador Cooper
He's sleeping at my feet as I type this, but no doubt soon he'll be expecting his dinner and another walk around the neighbourhood.

Search Jason in Hollywood for more fantastic pictures of Cooper enjoying Southern California and we'll hopefully see you soon...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eye-catching TV, movie and other cool billboards around L.A. in March 2010...

The Los Angeles skyline certainly seems to be resplendent with billboards this month, from fabulous fashion and beauty billboards featured here yesterday, to new TV, movie and drinks advertising campaigns. Enjoy these creative sights from around L.A. in March.

Alcohol billboards
Pineapple Skyy Vodka billboard
Even though I'm not a huge fan of flavoured vodkas, I love this billboard for Skyy Infusions Pineapple vodka. It has a great stand-out quality with its vibrant colour combination, even through all those telegraph wires.
Svedka Vodka bot billboard
I'm loving Svedka Vodka's fun 'Bot' campaign. Their oddly alluring robot is certainly 'hot' enough to grab your attention as you drive past.
Absolut vodka Berry Acai billboard
Absolut Vodka's new Berri Acai variant may be a mouthful to say, but I love the fabulousness of the bird-caged showgirl.
Moet champagne billboard
There's nothing like a glass of bubbly to celebrate a victory and this spectacular wall billboard for the official champagne of the Oscars, Moet, really does grab your attention as you drive by on Sunset Boulevard.
Maker's Mark billboard
I love this playful and eye-catching billboard for Maker's Mark bourbon whiskey and it certainly stands out amongst the hordes of billboards dotting L.A.'s skyline.

Movie billboards
Clash of the Titans Scorpion billboardClash of the Titans Kraken billboard
These billboards for the Clash of the Titans remake, starring Sam Worthington, certainly look filled with excitement. I just hope that a good story hasn't been sacrificed in an effort to provide the latest 3D visual extravaganza to the big screen.
The Bounty Hunter movie billboard
Even though these billboards for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler's new comedy, The Bounty Hunter, have a tongue-in-cheek quality, I hope the movie isn't as dire as the trailer suggests.
The Bounty Hunter movie billboards
I also wonder how many people think the film is called 'Ex-Games', as the marketing slogan seems disproportionate in size the movie's actual name.
82nd Oscars billboard
I couldn't mentioned March's movie billboards without sharing this ad for the 82nd Oscars at the corner of Hollywood and Highland.
Remember Me movie billboard
Twilight's Robert Pattinson and LOST's Emilie de Ravin look great in mono on this billboard for their new movie Remember Me.
How to train your Dragon film billboard
And finally for movies, a film opening tomorrow in the U.S.A., the latest 3D animated feature 'How to train your Dragon' grabs attention by bursting out of this billboard along Sunset Boulevard.

TV billboards
United States of Tara season 2 billboard
Toni Collette won the 2009 Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and also the 2010 Golden Globe for her performance in the United States of Tara and I think this billboard for the show's second series perfectly portrays her character's multiple personality disorder in a fun way.
The Pacific TV mini-series billboard
This massive billboard for The Pacific television mini-series dramatically conveys the idea of America's battle with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II.
Parenthood Sex on the to-do list billboard
On a lighter note, last month I mentioned that there were lots of different creative executions around town for new comedy drama Parenthood and 'Putting sex on your to-do list'...
Parenthood Become your father billboard
and 'Realizing you've become your father' are two more fantastic examples of these humorous (and very human) billboard series.
Nurse Jackie Holy Shift TV billboard
I love everything about this billboard for the second season of Nurse Jackie, from the complimentary colours, the 'Holy Shift' play on words combined with the medical halo and even to the pill in the TV show's logo.
Justified FX billboard
This billboard for the new Justified television series has a great iconic western feel to it that really catches your eye.
Adult Swim pie chart TV billboard
Finally for TV, Adult Swim's humorous pie chart totally catches your eye for it's simplicity and silliness.

Miscellaneous billboards
Pink Moving billboard
Who wouldn't want hunky removal men when you're moving home. This billboard photographed in the heart of West Hollywood may be cheesy, but it's certainly being seen by its target market audience.
Blue Man Group Las Vegas billboard
This simple and quirky billboard for the Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas clearly and wittily conveys the performing troupes unique act and brand of humour.
Awesometown billboard
Finally, wouldn't we all love to live in Awesometown? This billboard stands out with its simple, but effective message and design.

Remember if you love billboards check out Daily Billboard for a new billboard every day or become a fan on facebook today.

Let's hope April will be as varied and visually entertaining as this month...

Red hot fashion and beauty billboards around L.A. in March 2010...

I'm not sure whether it's the sign of a resurgent economy or business confidence, but the skies in L.A. are brimming with fabulous new advertising billboards for the hottest fashion and beauty brands this spring.

Fashion & beauty billboards
Hot male Armani underwear model billboard
They certainly aren't pulling any punches to grab our attention in March, using the hottest models to catch our eye, like this buff Armani Exchange men's underwear model reclining on the beach to get us in the mood for sunny summer days.
Calvin Klein Kellan Lutz X underwear billboard
Not to be outdone, Calvin Klein has it's own eye-catching male model to drool over as you drive by, in the form of Twilight's Kellan Lutz for their new X underwear range.
Megan Fox Armani billboard
But it's not just admirers of the male form in for a treat this time of year, as Transformers star Megan Fox can be seen modeling on Emporio Armani's lingerie billboard along Sunset Boulevard.
Sam Edelman shoes billboard
Further west along the Sunset Strip and you can see an even more revealing female model ad, that leaves little to the imagination, for Sam Edelman's shoe brand. It's certainly impactful, but I'm not sure women's shoes are the first thing I think of when I see it.
Express fashion billboard
Next is this very summery and colourful billboard for the Express fashion brand, a rippling male torso always helpful to make me look twice at an ad.
True Religion Jeans billboard
Speaking of buff male models, this mostly mono billboard for True Religion also stood out against the blue Californian sky along Sunset Boulevard.
Tom Ford fashion billboard
This billboard for Tom Ford screams style and sophistication, whilst the next ad for Salvatore Ferragamo evokes that chic Italian Riviera feel of the Mediterranean.
Salvatore Ferragamo fashion billboard
Chanel's billboard for its cosmetics range 'Rouge Coco' is the height of simplicity itself. It's all about the lips darling.
Rouge Coco Chanel billboard
Love must be in the air this spring as billboards abound for luxury brand Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany jewelry billboard
The distinctive Tiffany blue colour really sets their ads apart from other jewelry brands and makes them instantly recognisable, even from a distance.
Tiffany jewelry billboard
Finally we're encouraged to 'Fall in Love' with Wildfox Couture, which is an American vintage-inspired women's knitwear brand. Their billboard certainly stands out as you drive along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
Wildfox Fall in Love billboard
For more fantastic fashion billboards visit Daily Billboard for a daily dose of eye-catching advertising visuals and come back tomorrow for more TV, movie and other cool billboards around L.A. in March...

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