Friday, March 26, 2010

Add another accolade - Recommended by Dogster...

I'm proud to say that Jason in Hollywood has been recognised by Dogster as one of their favourite sites, no doubt for the fabulous coverage of our wonderful yellow Labrador Cooper.

Almost 2 year old yellow Labrador Cooper
2 year old yellow Labrador Cooper has a community of over one million members and so it's great to receive their 'Recommended by Dogster' award.
Dogster award
For any new visitors reading this, here's the main reason why this authority on dogs likes this blog, Cooper and his Labrador pals.

Cooper's Chocolate Labrador pals
Woody and Antibes
Chocolate Labradors
Make sure you check out his latest exploits at the dog beach in Santa Barbara and come back again for more of his on-going adventures.

Chocolate Labrador Antibes
Chocolate Labrador
If you're wondering why Cooper looks so tired in this final picture, it's because he spent the morning racing around Runyon Canyon looking for tennis balls and playing with all the other dogs.

Tired pup Cooper
Tired 2 year old yellow Labrador Cooper
He's sleeping at my feet as I type this, but no doubt soon he'll be expecting his dinner and another walk around the neighbourhood.

Search Jason in Hollywood for more fantastic pictures of Cooper enjoying Southern California and we'll hopefully see you soon...

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