Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How much is that angel in the window...?

Even though my quest for angels around L.A. has slowed somewhat of late, angel imagery still manages to pop up in the most everyday of places, especially store windows.
Dark bound angel t-shirt
Take for example this fabulous bound dark angel t-shirt in the window of the LASC (L.A. Sporting Club) on Santa Monica Boulevard, although sadly they didn't have it in my size.
Angel candelabra
Next up was pair of gaudy angel candelabras spotted in an antique shop window along La Cienega Boulevard. I think I'd need to live in a more gothic Hollywood mansion to own these winged beauties though.
Ornamental cupid statue
Finally further along the same street was this sweet ornamental cupid statue in the window of a swimwear store of all places. Who'd have thought.

Maybe one day soon I'll discover another statue from the Community of Angels Project or some magnificent angelic sculptural piece, until then my angel quest around the streets of Los Angeles will continue...

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