Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a dog's life chasing balls along the shore...

Just a month shy of his second birthday, as a special treat we decided to take Cooper to the beach because he loves it so much.
Bounding waves Labrador
Even though it was going to be high tide in the morning we took a risk and drove the hour and forty-five minutes from West Hollywood to Hendry's Beach in Santa Barbara.
Rocky beach Labrador
Luckily there was enough shoreline for us to walk along and as you can see from this selection of happy puppy pictures, the results speak for themselves.
Shake it off pup
It wasn't that long ago that Cooper wasn't that much of a retriever, but recently something clicked and he's now totally tennis ball obsessed and loves to chase them whenever he can.
Hendry's Beach off-leash dogs
Dog beach fun
Hendry's Beach dogs at play
The great thing about this particular off-leash dog beach in Santa Barbara is that you can have a nice stroll along it, with space to throw a ball or frisbee and there's plenty of other dogs for Cooper to play with along the shore.
Labrador Cooper emerging from the wavesLabrador Cooper in the waves
Pup's salt water sneeze
Another advantage is that the shoreline seems to gently slope into the ocean and doesn't shelve away quickly, so your dog can cool off by splashing about in the surf or go for a swim easily.
Yellow Labrador salty tongue
Smiley beach pup
Cooper's not so confident to go for a swim on his own (without following another dog in) and the waves can be quite big, which is why it's also a favourite beach with surfers, but he can chase balls all day long.
Hendry's Dog Beach funSanta Barbara dog beach ball games
Dog beach ball games
Even when he was getting tired he wouldn't give up and still wanted us to throw the ball for him.
Happy Santa Barbara Labrador
Thankfully we had one of those ball throwers to save our shoulders and a steady supply of lost tennis balls along the shore.
Cooper and Cooper in Santa Barbara
Jason and Cooper in Santa Barbara
Once he started to tire, we even managed to get him to pose for a few photos with his two dads.
Beach Labrador Cooper
Sandy shores Labrador
It's amazing when you compare these photos of him with ones from his very first beach visit when he was only a seventeen week old pup. He looks like such a big, strong dog now, but still as cute.
Wet beach Labrador
Even though this beach is a bit of a drive for us L.A. boys, it's well worth it for all the fun and they also have fantastic dog showers where you can wash all that salt and sand out of his coat.
Exhausted Labrador Cooper
Then it's only just a few minutes away from Santa Barbara's harbour and main street for a chance to dry him off with a walk in the sunshine before the drive home.

As you can see he was one satisfied pup...


Josh Corbo said...

Love the pictures! Very well done!! :-)

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks josh - it's easy when you have a muse like Cooper to photograph!

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