Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jesus is coming (look busy)...

With Easter looming just around the corner, I'm loving the latest tongue-in-cheek rooftop creation by ChadMichael Morisette.
Jesus is coming! Look Busy
I couldn't help but smile when I saw this, I think very convincing, 'Jesus' adorning this rooftop along Fountain Avenue in West Hollywood. And it's actually a very subdued installation compared to previous Easter creations.
Rooftop Jesus display
'Jesus is coming! (Look busy)', indeed.

For my part, to keep busy in the last few days I've upgraded my phone to an iphone, joined a new gym (Equinox on Sunset Boulevard) and have been racing about town photographing fantastic new advertisement sites for my Daily Billboard blog (for Tron Legacy, The Tudors, Doctor Who and Glee, to name but a few).
Jesus Easter rooftop display
I shall also keep myself busy in the next few days by planning our Labrador Cooper's second birthday celebrations (I'm thinking hats, balloons, cake and a big parade down Santa Monica Boulevard).

Remember to keep busy folks unless you won't get any yummy Easter eggs...

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