Thursday, March 18, 2010

Palm frond terror...

Just to reassure you all that even though Cooper is fast approaching his second birthday, he's still up to his old tricks, like shredding palm fronds at every opportunity.
Palm frond Labrador
We're so used to it on walks in the neighbourhood, but whenever we go further afield onlookers are always amazed and bemused by our incredible shredding machine.
Labrador shredding palms
He really does seem to relish chewing them and there are certainly enough palm trees in Santa Barbara to satisfy Cooper's cravings.
Santa Barbara palm trees
At Runyon Canyon, when palm branches have fallen in the high winds, Cooper's party trick is to pick up the biggest branch he possibly can find and run at full speed off-leash down the trail taking out hikers legs as he rushes past. Luckily with no law suits to date.
Palm branch pup
We always worry that he'll hurt himself, but our pup seems to have jaws of steel and a tough mouth to protect him from all the sharp pieces of twig and any splinters. Either that or a lack of common sense.
Palm frond chewing dog
But he seems to enjoy it and at least he's never done it to our furniture back home (although there is a hole on the underside of our sofa from his teething days that we don't like to think about).
Palm tail pup Cooper
Be sure to check out these older pictures of Cooper as a pup shredding more palm branches in Santa Monica and come back tomorrow for the final installment from our recent weekend visit to Santa Barbara...

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