Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Runaways is not such a runaway success...

Even though the story of The Runaways is watchable, it's not a total success, is even a little predictable and maybe a bit forgettable in the end.

Chronicling the formation of the first all-girl teen rock band in the 70's, especially shining the spotlight on standout band members Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning), the movie is a coming of age story 'on the road' to rock stardom.
The Runaways movie poster
Rather sadly The Runaways didn't enjoy that much success in the USA, they did achieve some notoriety in Japan, but it did lay the foundation for Joan Jett's own path to stardom.

My main problem with the movie, which is enlightening in its own way, is that it feels like a 'vehicle' movie to help both lead actresses bridge the gap from their child star roots to the serious world of acting.

One of them is trying to get out of the shadow of Twilight, the other trying too hard be taken seriously as a versatile young actress and both really shouldn't try so hard, as they are really great, believable actresses already with some fine movies under their belts. Don't try and force it so much ladies.
The Runaways Cherry Bomb poster
For me it felt a bit like little girls pretending to be rock stars trying too hard to prove their acting credentials by taking drugs, engaging in lesbian sex and peeing on guitars like rock stars apparently do.

But having said all that, it still felt a bit safe and squeaky clean, not particularly raw or edgy filmmaking.

It's worth seeing on the big screen, but I only give The Runaways three *** stars.

Rock on...

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