Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Santa Barbara surfers...

We're not quite done with our Santa Barbara adventures just yet.
Santa Barbara surfer
In between throwing balls for Cooper along the shore and taking in the beautiful scenery of Hendry's Beach, I also remembered to look out over the Pacific Ocean to see what sights it held.
California surfer
In addition to being a fabulously dog-friendly beach, it's also a favourite with surfers and here are just a selection of pictures of them enjoying the crashing waves.
Santa Barbara surfers
Hendry's beach surfer
Regardless of those wetsuits, that Pacific Ocean is still pretty cold, and I just was wading up to my knees in the surf chasing tennis balls as they floated away from our pup.
Surfing waves in Santa Barbara
Surfer catching waves
I've never tried surfing, or skiing for that matter, mainly due to the fact that I'm as blind as a bat and I fear that my contact lenses would be washed away after I'd wiped out and I'd be lost at sea and easy fodder for any shark that may be passing by.
Riding waves in Santa Barbara
Anyway, it looked like great fun and Cooper was tempted to swim after the surfers as they paddled out to ride some waves (maybe he thought the surfboards were just big sticks and his retriever gene was kicking in).
Santa barbara surfing
Whilst it may not be surfing, this week in an effort to stay fit and healthy I have been checking out gyms in the local area (and hoping for a celebrity sighting at the same time), plus getting a deep tissue massage and facial to keep in tip-top shape.

Maybe one day I will try to surf, I'm in the right place after all and I've jumped out of a plane before, so how hard could it be...

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