Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The visual delights of Hendry's Beach...

The last two days you've seen lots of pictures of dogs happily playing off-leash at Hendry's Beach, otherwise known as Arroyo Burro Beach, in Santa Barbara.
Hendry's Beach sun-bleached trees
Today I thought I'd share some of the other sights you can discover on a visit to those sandy shores, including interesting geology, local bird-life and wonderful scenic views.
Hendry's Beach rocky shoreSanta Barbara pelicans soaring
Hendry's Beach scenery
In our adventures up California's West Coast, not only do we want to find nice places where we can amuse our almost two year old yellow Labrador, Cooper, but also intriguing places to explore with different sights to see.
Hendry's Beach Shore
Santa Barbara birdlife
Arroyo Burro Beach shoreline
Arroyo Burro Beach is ideal, as not only is it dog-friendly (with an on and off-leash section of the beach), but there's also varying landscape to admire as you walk along the shore.
Pacific Ocean treesArroyo Burro Beach
Ocean shore birds
Sandy for the most part, in places there are pebbles and shingle underfoot. Sun-bleached trees, that have fallen from the cliffs above in times past, and driftwood line the shore and it all makes for interesting visual stimuli as you stroll along with your dog.
Hendry's Beach cliffsDriftwood trees Hendry's Beach
Hendry's Beach Santa Barbara
The weathered rock strata of the cliffs have amazing patterns and I'd imagine they are a photographers dream, especially framed by the blue California sky and the lush shrubbery flowering from all the recent rain.
Cliff face in bloomHendry's Beach blooming cliffs
In addition to the plant-life, there's also plenty of birds to admire along the shore. Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to see several flocks of pelicans looking majestic as they flew overhead in formation.
Pelicans over cliff
Pelican's over Hendry's Beach
I think one of the only downsides of this beach and of Santa Barbara in general, which has been described as 'America's Riviera', is that you can see the off-shore oil rigs in the distance out to sea. It kind of spoils the picture, but it's a minor quibble.
Sun-bleached beach tree
Arroyo Burro Beach cliffs
If you have a dog who likes to play on the beach and swim in the ocean it's a fantastic place to visit, but equally so if you're in the neighbourhood and just want to take an interesting stroll along the shore.

Come back tomorrow for more sights from Santa Barbara...

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