Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whatever possessed me to go see Repo Men...?

Well maybe that title is a little unfair, as it's not that I didn't enjoy the movie, it's just I knew I wouldn't be entirely satisfied with it when I'd seen it.

I always hope that sci-fi movies will be better than they are, but there's always something that disappoints, be it low budget, weak story or bad acting. Repo Men didn't necessary suffer too badly from most of these, but ultimately it felt a bit lackluster. I do question what possesses me to see these films that never quite measure up to expectations.
Repo Men movie poster
Imagine a world not too far in the future where a company called The Union can provide synthetic organs for your health problem, but at a cost. If you can't afford their repayment plan they send the debt collectors to reclaim the merchandise, whether it be your beating heart, or liver or kidneys. It's corporate greed taken to the nth degree.
Repo Men teaser film poster
Jude Law is one of these 'Repo Men' who initially has no qualms about reclaiming company property, that is until when on a life threatening accident on a mission he finds himself the recipient of his own artificial heart and discovers he no longer has the heart for killing other people or his job. Ironically enough he loses a heart and gets a conscience.
Repo Men Heart movie poster
That's the premise of the movie and when he goes rogue he's tracked down by his fellow Repo Men, including his partner and best pal, played by Forest Whitaker.

It's quite a well imagined futuristic world, especially the city at night, but I was a bit disappointed by where Jude Law and his family lived as it looked too like modern day suburbia.
Repo Men Eyeball movie poster
Obviously with the subject matter of organ reclamation it's a quite brutal and gory movie at times, with lots of slicing and oozing blood.

The movie has some good visuals scenes like when the organ repayment dodgers are being hunted down like cattle by Repo Men in the tenements. Plus the seemingly endless organ manufacturing white room in The Union's headquarters is an impressive visual.
Repo Men Liver movie poster
Jude Law makes an interesting choice for action hero, coming off the back of his strong comedic performance as Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes, although how he retained his British accent when he supposedly grew up in America with his best friend Forest Whitaker seems a bit absurd.

There's also the expected double-cross and lots of chase scenes through derelict buildings that make the story all a bit predictable and typical sci-fi fare.
Repo Men Kidney movie poster
The second half of the movie gets consistently more preposterous, but then it's kind of rescued by the actual surprise ending, which may not be that much of a surprise to some. But for me it made sense and explained a lot.
Repo Men Organs x-ray film poster
Repo Men mixes black humour with this artificial organ sci-fi concept, that makes it all the more strange when the Jude Law finds himself as the underdog against the big corporation, as it's hard to take has stance to take down the company serious as it all feels a bit of a joke.

I give Repo Men three *** stars as it's far more watchable than other recent sci-fi/fantasy movies Daybreakers and Legion, but only just.

Let's just hope Clash of the Titans lives up to the hype and isn't just a 3D travesty to moan about...

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