Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yellow Labradors at play on the beach...

This is for all you Labrador lovers out there.
Yellow Labrador fun
Today was such a beautiful day we couldn't resist taking our yellow Labrador Cooper to the beach (he's the one chasing tail).
Beach Labradors at play
For a change of pace we decided to drive up the coast to Santa Barbara and to a wonderful off-leash dog beach called Arroyo Burro or Hendry's Beach by locals.
Yellow Labradors at play
As you can see from these photos he had a fantastic time, especially with a new lady yellow Labrador, who he enjoyed frolicking with in between chasing tennis balls up and down the shoreline.
Yellow Labradors chase
Out walking, people often ask us what breed Cooper is. To us it seems obvious that's he's a Labrador retriever, but when you compare him to other Labradors you can see where confusion could arise.
Labrador beach play
Cooper is an English Labrador which tend to be stockier, thicker and squatter in appearance than a typical American bred Labradors which tend to be leaner and taller and often with whiter, lighter coats.
Santa Barbara Beach Labradors
Another way of describing them is as a 'show bred' or 'field bred', with the show bred being generally shorter in the legs, with a shorter muzzle and wider head.
English and American Labradors in the surf
Believe me, up until two years I didn't know there was a difference, but it's amazing what you learn walking up Runyon Canyon and in your local neighbourhood.
Surf yellow Labradors
All I know is that Labradors are so affectionate, loyal and loving animals, whatever their type, as you can see this from these photographs taken at the beach today.
Labrador ball games
They enjoy playing with other Labs so much and always seem to know how to play nicely together and what the boundaries are, no matter the level of rough and tumble.
Labrador beach fun
It really is amazing to watch Labradors at play. They are happiness personified.
Beach yellow Labradors
Cooper's new gal-pal was called 'Addy' and she's your typical looking 'field Labrador'.
American yellow Labrador
She was just one of Cooper's beach playmates today, so come back tomorrow for more of his adventures in Santa Barbara...

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