Thursday, April 29, 2010

Add two more to the Lab Pack...

Following a poorly tummy yesterday after a dodgy bully-stick from PetCo, Cooper returned to Runyon Canyon today and rejoined his favourite Lab Pack for his usual daily hijinks.

2 year old Cooper
Two year old yellow Labrador Cooper
Strong winds were whipping up the dust as we hiked the three or so miles of the canyon trail, but that didn't stop our Labrador pack of every colour enjoying themselves.

Labradors Riley and Finn
Runyon Canyon Labradors
Happy yellow Labradors
Today our gang of Labradors were joined by yellow Labs from over the hill in Studio City, Finn and Riley.

Yellow Labrador Finn
Yellow Labrador Finn

Yellow Labrador Riley
Yellow Labrador Riley
They accompanied founding pack members Cooper, Woody, Tikka and Antibes. The two new additions are much more mellow than our two year old pup, Cooper, who takes it in turn to chase fellow tennis ball obsessed black Labrador Tikka.

Black Labrador Tikka
Black Labrador Tikka
These days he saves his rough and tumble playtime to the end of the walk with Woody around the muddy water station, just when you thought you were going to get him home vaguely clean.

Chocolate Labrador Woody
Chocolate Labrador Woody
One of the benefits of the strong winds today were the clear blue skies and the beautiful views of sprawling L.A. they provided from Runyon Canyon.
Clear day at Runyon Canyon
The canyon itself is not the most inspiring hike being a dusty and pot-holed trail, but it's the panoramic views of Los Angeles that always make it worthwhile and give you a perspective on everything.

Runyon Canyon Lab Pack
Happy Labrador Pack
Runyon Canyon Labrador Pack
Somehow though I think the views are lost on our Labrador pack and all they care about is running in and out of the bushes, chasing balls, sniffing scents, playing with their pals, eating all kinds of things they shouldn't and meeting all kinds of new dogs and people.
Labrador Pack
Runyon Canyon is after all their playground and you can see the happiness in their faces as you walk around and their contentment as they pass out exhausted and sleep deeply when you get them home.
Sleeping Labrador Cooper
Sweet dreams Cooper...

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