Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clash of the Titans is a bit of a myth (I mean miss)...

I have to say I was throughly underwhelmed by Clash of the Titans, in a world post-Avatar, its special effects felt dated and old-fashioned, and after hearing bad reports of the hastily converted 3D version I'm glad I saw it in 2D and saved my money.
Clash of the Titans heroes movie billboard
I know these days studios are searching for established franchises and trying to exploit movie goers nostalgia in efforts to offset the risk of unproven concepts, but why remake a film unless your'e going to make it infinitely better?

Sam Worthington whilst making for a good 'common man' as the unsuspecting demi-god 'Perseus', I felt he was ultimately a bit wooden throughout. Actually the film contained a plethora of throwaway, mostly unlikeable and indistinguishable characters, so you'd hope his reluctant hero would have been elevated to greatness even more, but sadly he wasn't.
Clash of the Titans Perseus and Medusa poster
For me Gemma Atherton, as the long-lived 'Io', was one the movie's saving graces and she made a good foil to all the boorish masculinity on screen.

The gods of Olympus felt like they were being filmed with vaseline smeared on the lens to make them look more godly and ethereal, but all it did was make them look like they were relics from the original 1981 movie.
Clash of the Titans Scorpion billboard
I suppose it didn't help that I'd recently seen Percy Jackson and the Olympians which also dabbles with Greek Mythology. I actually thought Uma Thurman's 'Medusa' head of snakes in that film was far superior and the 'Titans' version never looks 'real', just far too CGI.
Clash of the Titans gods and monsters poster
Sadly Liam Neeson doesn't have much to do and seems a rather impotent 'Zeus', whilst his brother, Ralph Fiennes as 'Voldemort', sorry I mean 'Hades', is just Harry Potter's arch-nemesis with hair.
Clash of the Titans Kraken billboard
Even the finale with 'The Kraken' seems disappointing and victory far too easily won.

Overall I thought there was no intrigue, the story was so linear it hurt, following a fairly standard quest format with few, if any surprises. To be honest, I was a little bit bored by the whole affair and as a rule I really enjoy fantasy films.
Clash of the Titans Witches poster
Even with high production values, authentic costumes and scenery, Clash of the Titans was still just a big let down and really only deserves two ** stars.

Let's just hope the forthcoming movies like Kick-Ass, The Losers and Iron Man 2 can provide some cinematic high points to the year, as so far there have been far too many myths (I mean misses)...

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