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Cool film, TV and fashion billboards around L.A. in April 2010...

Has it really been a month already since I did the last round-up of interesting billboards lining L.A.'s skyline? There have been some great billboards in April and here are a selection of the best movie, television, fashion and other funky billboard ads from around town.

Movie billboards
Buzz Lightyear Toy Story 3 billboard
It filled my heart with cheer to see this spectacular billboard of the ever optimistic Buzz Lightyear gracing the skyline of Sunset Boulevard for Toy Story 3 (it's also right beside my new gym, so now it's easy to check for any new billboards). He's such a strong visual and instantly recognizable character, so he's the perfect choice to be towering over the traffic below.
Iron Man 2 billboard
Iron Man is rocketing back onto our screens on the 7th May 2010 and this time he's brought a friend, War Machine.
Iron Man 2 film billboard
These two fantastic billboards are just building my excitement for the Marvel Comics movie sequel.
The Losers film billboard
I love this colourful billboard for The Losers and it really stands out for being designed differently from other billboard ads, but I'm surprised that Chris Evans picture isn't more integral to the image as he plays such a funny character in the movie.
Sex and the City 2 movie billboard
I know a lot of my girlfriends are looking forward to this sequel. Carrie and the girls are back in the second Sex and the City movie and I love this bling-tastic billboard. It's so fashion darling.
Prince of Persia film billboard
Jake Gyllenhaal is looking suitably buff for his role as the action hero, Prince of Persia. Video games very rarely make for great movie adaptations (Hitman, Max Payne, Doom), so let's hope this will buck the trend, after all Pirates of the Caribbean was based on an amusement park ride and millions went to see it and two sequels.
A Nightmare on Elm Street film billboard
This billboard for the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street is suitably creepy and instantly recognizable with the iconic razor clawed Freddy Krueger.
Kick-Ass unmasked movie billboardKick-Ass Big Daddy film billboard
I loved the movie Kick-Ass and also thought the different ad creatives were eye-catching and spot on for the youthful target audience, especially the graffiti ones.
Death at a funeral movie billboards
Lastly for movies, two new comedies, Death at a Funeral with an eclectic ensemble cast and Date Night, showcasing the two now infamous TV stars, Steve Carell of the American version of The Office and Tina Fey of 30 Rock fame, capitalizing on their hugely popular television shows to attract cinema goers.
Date Night movie billboard

Fashion billboards
Gucci Spring 2010 fashion billboard
You can tell that summer is just around the corner with these fresh and vibrant fashion billboards taking to the skies of L.A., just like this ultra glamourous billboard for Gucci.
Express April 2010 fashion billboard
This billboard for fashion brand Express looks great against that rich blue California sky.
Ed Hardy fashion billboard
I love this striking billboard for Ed Hardy featuring Dwight Howard, it's so dramatic, strong and eye-catching and the amazing colours really grab your attention from a distance.
Armani Exchange hot fashion billboard
Here's another Armani Exchange ad featuring the usual smattering of beautiful, buff people (not that I object at all).
Aldo Shoes fashion billboard
Finally for fashion, I really like this fun, vibrant and cheeky billboard for Aldo Shoes which is a vast improvement over their recent drab ad campaigns.

TV billboards
Sue Sylvester Glee TV billboard
This TV billboard for the musical comedy Glee capitalizes on the show's strengths, namely its breakout character and tracksuit wearing cheerleading coach 'Sue Sylvester' and its diverse glee groups members.
Kirstie Alley's Big Life TV billboard
This billboard for Kirstie Alley's Big Life caught my eye driving past, but mainly because I mistook her for Nicollette Sheridan of Desperate Housewives fame (Edie Britt) and I was wondering what she was doing now that she'd been written out of that show.

Technology billboards
Apple iPad billboard
I love the lifestyle approach for the new Apple iPad and who wouldn't want one of those ultra slim and stylish devices? Mind you, I'll always like the feeling of reading an old-fashioned book.

Alcohol billboards
R U Bot or Not Svedka Vodka billboard
Finally for April's billboards is one of my current favourite ad campaigns, this one for new vodka brand Svedka Vodka, which seems intent of capturing L.A.'s vodka drinking crowd with its heavy weight ad campaign seemingly dotting the billboards and bus shelters on every street around town.

If you like this collection of eye-catching ads, you'll love Daily Billboard which brings you a new exciting billboard every day. Visit the website or follow on facebook today.

Stay tuned for another billboard round-up next month...

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