Friday, April 16, 2010

Exploring The Huntington Botanical Gardens - Part two...

Earlier this week I shared some photos from my visit to The Huntington Botanical Gardens that focused on the wonderful plants and flowers on display there.
Huntington Botanical Gardens entrance
Today I thought I'd show you some of the other sights including the statuary and sculptures that can be found on the grounds.
Huntington Gardens ornamental urn
Also after showcasing the Desert and Japanese Gardens, here's a glimpse of the Chinese Garden at Huntington, where you can stroll along the covered walkways, bridges and pavilions and admire the surrounding beautiful landscape.

Huntington's Chinese Garden
Chinese Garden Pavilion Huntington GardensChinese Garden leaf windowChinese Garden bridge Huntington GardensChinese Garden water lilies
There are a great variety of outdoor sculptures and interesting sights to be discovered within the grounds including 17th century limestone statues on each side of the North Vista, which depict characters from classical mythology and folklore.

North Vista statues
North Vista fountain Huntington GardensNorth Vista statues Huntington Gardens

Poseidon statue outside Huntington Library
Poseidon Statue Huntington Gardens

'Bacchante' bronze sculpture
by Frederick William MacMonnies
Bacchante bronze Frederick William MacMonnies
Shakespeare bust in the Shakespeare Garden
Shakespeare bust Huntington Gardens
The Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory for Botanical Science houses interactive exhibits and comprises three different habitats (a lowland tropical rain forest, a cloud forest and a carnivorous plant bog). It's pretty steamy in there too.

Huntington Gardens Conservatory
Huntington Gardens ConservatoryInside Huntington Gardens Conservatory
On the paved terrace behind the Huntington Art Gallery you'll find some magnificent bronze sculptures by the French artist Jacques Houzeau, cast in 1680-81.

Jacques Houzeau Stag bronze
Jacques Houzeau stag bronze sculptureJacques Houzeau stag bronze sculpture
The weathered statues rather brutally feature ferocious dogs bringing down both a regal stag and a wild boar.

Jacques Houzeau Wild Boar bronze
Jacques Houzeau wild boar bronze sculpture
Jacque Houzeau wild boar sculpture
On plinths outside the Huntington Library Exhibition Hall you'll also find an interesting selection of heroic looking French 17th century bronze replicas.

Huntington Library Exhibition Hall bronzes
Huntington Library French 17th century statue
Huntington Library French 17th century statue
French 17th century bronze Huntington Library
Huntington Library French 17th century statue replica
I'm sure this won't be the last time we visit The Huntington Gardens and I look forward to seeing the grounds in full bloom (and without storm clouds in the sky).
Huntington Gardens orange flower
So until next time...

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