Sunday, April 4, 2010

Green Zone is a bit one dimensional...

Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass' new war torn Iraq based movie, Green Zone, is a tense, fast-paced thriller which is very watchable, but you get the impression the relentless storytelling is to hide the fact there isn't much of a plot to the film.
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Because of the director and actor involved, I was worried this movie would just be a rehash of the 'Jason Bourne' films, so I'm glad to say the overall feel and acting were remarkably different, there was no hand-to-hand fighting for Damon, he wasn't portrayed as a super assassin and it felt like a realistic army drama.

I was impressed by the setting, wherever it was filmed it looked like a recently invaded Iraq (in 2003) to me and the action sequences, especially the helicopter being shoot out of the sky, were impressive.

Lots of shaky camera gave the movie a real-life feel and it had the same kind of tension to the filmmaking as The Hurt Locker, but lacked any depth of the human emotion or genuine insight into lives of Iraq citizens that the Best Picture Oscar Winner provided.

This movie just tells a story of how intelligence about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction was intentionally faked to allow the Allied Forces invasion and overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

There are no real surprises or intrigue, the plot is readily laid-out and you know from the beginning who the 'villains' are and who is likely to be killed by the end of the movie.
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Even though it is a bit one dimensional, Green Zone is still an enjoyable action movie and worth three *** stars, even if it makes you feel a bit depressed about the whole staged invasion of Iraq and the failure to find any WMD's (if they ever existed).

The other great thing about the movie is Matt Damon, who is always highly watchable.

Happy Easter everyone...

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