Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Cooper...

Oh how time flies. It feels like only yesterday when we brought Cooper home when he was just eight weeks old and now look at him, 70lbs of adorable yellow Labrador.
Birthday Cooper
It's Cooper's official 2nd Birthday today and as ever I'm sure lots of treats will be involved for our lovable pup.
Cooper and Ozzy birthday pups
Yesterday he joined in some other birthday celebrations in Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills and also met another birthday pup, the rather gigantic one year old mastiff, Ozzy.
Birthday Cooper kisses
There was lots of rambunctious play and 'Cooper Kisses' all around, although our pup never really understood that Ozzy could fit his whole head in his mouth at any time.
Ozzy and Cooper play
Check out some more pictures of Cooper as a cute pup and there are many more photos from his misadventures these last two years to be found here at Jason in Hollywood.

Happy Birthday Cooper and many more to come...

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