Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Huntington Gardens host of angel statues...

On my first visit to The Huntington Botanical Gardens, not only did I discover beautiful plants and flowers, but also an eclectic assortment of outdoor sculptures, including some intriguing angel sculptures.
Father Time statue Huntington Gardens
The gardens located in San Marino, are still within Los Angeles County, so they kind of qualify for my angel quest in the wider City of Angels, but regardless of where they reside they still make for interesting viewing.
Huntington Gardens Father Time statue
First up I believe is the slightly grim visage of Father Time found in the North Vista of the grounds.
Winged Father Time statue
I'm sure that this is a statue of the winged angel of death, with his grim reaper scythe and hourglass in hand.
Wood Nymph statue Huntington Gardens
Next up is more of a wood nymph or winged fairy than angel, but I couldn't resist including in this collection of statuary.
Wood Nymph sculpture Huntington Gardens
It may even be 'Titania, Queen of the Fairies' from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream play, after all there is a Shakespeare Garden at Huntington.
Titania winged fairy statue Huntington Gardens
It wouldn't surprise me as the grounds are filled with statues of mythical heroes, gods and characters from popular folklore.
Cherub blindfolds woman statue Huntington Gardens
Woman blindfolded by cherub statue
Outdoor cherub sculpture huntington Gardens
I'd love to know more about the next statue featuring a winged cherub blindfolding a naked lady.
Cherub blindfolds woman statueWinged cherub statue Huntington LibraryHuntington Library cherub blindfold statue
I'm intrigued about the history surrounding this captivating piece and would love to know more, so if anyone out there knows anything I'd be grateful to hear from you.
Temple of Love Huntington GardensTemple of Love silent cherub
The next set of images are of the 'Temple of Love' at The Huntington Gardens and was apparently restored in memory of Frances C. Berger, apparently through the generosity of The H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation and was dedicated on 11th May 1993.
Temple of Love cherub statue
Cherubs are a symbol of love, so it's apt this one is in the 'Temple of Love', but this winged fellow seems to want us to keep quiet about something, maybe a forbidden love or simply that he wants us to respect the peace and tranquility of the beautiful gardens.
Huntington's Temple of Love statuesTemple of Love angel statue
And finally for this host of heavenly angels was this floating angel I spotted in the window of the Huntington Bookstore, which may be a bit less historical, but certainly not any less angelic.
Huntington Gardens Book Store angel
I'm sure they were not the only statues and sculptures of angels, cherubs and cupids within Huntington's themed gardens, so I'll keep my eyes open for more the next time I visit...

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