Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Losers is a winning film apart from the directing...

The Losers is a fun, action movie with a great cast of characters which doesn't take itself too seriously, but sadly it is horribly filmed.
The Losers movie poster
The overall look of the movie feels very amateur, filmed a bit like a pop video with too many editing tricks and poses to camera - walking towards camera, look cool to camera, group shot to camera and pose some more. It's almost taking its comic book origins too literally.
Jensen The Losers film poster
The Losers is not a comic book I'm familiar with as it's from DC Comics Vertigo imprint and I'm a die hard Marvel Comics fan, but Hollywood certainly is mining the genre for movies at the moment. Not that I'm concerned as long as they are good translations like Kick-Ass, Iron Man and the like.
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Overall the concept of the movie feels a bit like an updated A-Team or even a pilot episode for a new TV action series.
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The film starts almost overly simplistic, setting up their origin and the reason for their renegade status, then there's lots of double-crossing to spice things up.
Pooch The Losers film poster
Chris Evans is a funny guy, as the wise cracking 'Jensen', and any movie with him wearing tight t-shirts is ok in my eyes. There also seems to be a great chemistry between the rest of the cast, although Idris Elba's 'Roque' character does seem a bit heavy handed at times and for me there's no real surprise with what happens with him later in the film.
Cougar The Losers film poster
Another of my criticisms of the movie is the main protagonist, 'Max', comes off as a bad Bond villain or something from Austin Powers.
Roque The Losers film poster
I give The Losers three *** stars for providing a special forces team movie, that isn't all angst ridden, but an entertaining 98 minutes of fun shoot-outs, explosions and cool stunts.
The Losers film poster
I'd be interested in seeing a second movie featuring The Losers, but like I said, this could easily have been the set up for a new TV series and it's the actors that make the movie.

Let's hope the next comic book movie out on the 7th May, Iron Man 2, doesn't prove to be as much of a disappointment...

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