Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Angel sightings abound in April...

Like waiting for a bus, I find that when you've not seen one in ages, angel sightings around L.A. tend to come all at once.

In addition to Huntington Botanical Gardens angel statuary and famous wall murals featuring little cherubs I also spotted the following angelic imagery in April.
Our Lady of the Angels statue
First up is not so much a winged angel, but a statue for 'Our Lady of the Angels' along Wilshire Boulevard which surely qualifies to be part of my heavenly host.
Forgotten Saints Angel
Next is a slightly more macabre winged angel of death which is part of the signage for Forgotten Saints, the rock-wear mecca, tattoo parlour and art gallery on Melrose Avenue.

It's funny, but Melrose Avenue certainly does seem to like its winged skeleton imagery as there's another version adorning the windows of the DCMA Collective retail store not far away.
Forgotten Saints Tattoo parlour and Art Gallery
Finally on a brighter note is this cheeky little cupid sign for Capitol Drugs store along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.
Capitol Drugs Angel
Now that's what I call a mixed bag of angel sightings...

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