Thursday, May 13, 2010

Angel signage in the City of Angels...

In the famously named City of Angels, it's no surprise that local businesses and restaurants choose to incorporate angel imagery into the branding for their establishments.
John Fluevog Shoe Angel
Of all the streets in L.A. so far in all my travels, Melrose Avenue between Fairfax and La Brea Avenues, seems to have taken this theme to heart the most.

This angel sighting comes above the door of the John Fluevog shoes store, whose angel shoes are said to 'resist alkali, water, acid, fatigue and even Satan'.
John Fluevog Shoes Melrose Avenue
The other slightly more questionable sighting is from La Cienega and Santa Monica Boulevard where you'll find the Amoon Ra Restaurant
Amoon Ra Cafe Isis angels
These winged ladies may be mistaken for angels, by they actually depict the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.
Egyptian winged Isis angels
Isis is the goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility, and is also known as the goddess of simplicity and protector of the dead and of children. So you could see why she could be considered an angel.

So add two more sightings to my heavenly host and let the Angel Quest around L.A. continue...

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