Saturday, May 22, 2010

Celebrating the life of Harvey Milk...

Happy Harvey Milk Day!
Got Milk? rooftop display
It seems most appropriate that I was in San Francisco for the annual Bay to Breakers race last weekend, so close to this special day dedicated to remembering the life of political activist and the first openly gay elected San Franciscan Supervisor Harvey Milk.
MILK Best Picture billboard
Today is the anniversary of Harvey Milk's birthday and it's an official day of recognition in the state of California for the gay-rights activist who was assassinated in 1978.

Original MILK movie costumes on display
at Universal Studios Hollywood
Original MILK movie costumes
The 2008 biopic movie of his life won two Oscars, one for Dustin Lance Black for Best Screenplay Writing and the other for Sean Penn for Best Actor in a Leading Role, who portrayed Harvey Milk in the movie.

Actual costumes worn in the MILK movie
on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Actual MILK movie costumes on display
That recognition at the prestigious annual Academy Awards hopefully helped bring his message of equality to a new generation and a wider audience.

More MILK movie costumes on display
at Universal Studios Hollywood
James Franco and Emile Hirsch MILK movie costumes

And if you have a chance take some time to learn more about Harvey Milk's life, watch the movie, read about his work and remember although gay people have a better standard of living today there's still so much to be done to achieve equality for everyone.
MILK movie billboard
I'm sure Harvey Milk would have despaired at the heinous Proposition 8 denying same sex couples the right to marry in California, but I'm sure that he'd keep fighting and campaigning until everyone had equal rights in the future.

ChadMicheal Morisette rooftop creation
in West Hollywood celebrating Harvey Milk Day
Harvey Milk Day rooftop display
On a positive note, after almost eleven years together myself and my partner, Charlie, will 'tie the knot' and get married in the U.K. in January next year, where Civil Partnership is legal.

For now, here's to Harvey Milk and to a brighter future for everyone...

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