Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fabulous fashion, alcohol and cool billboards around L.A. in May 2010...

The other day you saw all the fantastic new film and TV billboards lining the skyline of L.A. and today it's the turn of the fabulous fashion, alcohol and other cool advertisements grabbing my attention out there in May.

Alcohol billboards
There seems to be a bit of a 'vodka war' going on above the streets of L.A., with Svedka, Effen and Skyy vodka all trying to catch your eye. I'm surprised we've not seen more of the big guns, Smirnoff and Absolut muscling in to protect their territory.

After all the fabulous Svedka robot ads, I'm loving this billboard for Skyy Infusions new ginger variant. The colours are so rich and vibrant and it has a true Hollywood starlet quality about it.
I also like this billboard for Don Julio Tequila, it's simple but effective and I love that blue colour they've used - it makes me feel that this tequila will be a very smooth experience.
Finally here's a billboard for place where you can get really strong cocktails using all the vodka and tequila you like (and you may even get served by buff bartenders like those boys in the picture). West Hollywood's The Abbey bar celebrates it's 20th anniversary.

Fashion & Beauty billboards
Calvin Klein is certainly getting in to the summer spirit with this showering bikini babe billboard along Sunset Boulevard.
I usually find Joe's Jeans billboards quite drab and bland, but I really like this quirky shop window full of mannequins, it's very clever and eye-catching.
Another brand which has drastically improved their advertising is Aldo Shoes, they've also gone from bland and boring to bright and bubbly recently.
Finally for fashion and beauty is this simple, wistful fragrance billboard for Chanel No.5 starring actress Audrey Tautou.

Travel billboards
These billboards for Virgin America airlines are so fresh and bright and totally on target for the youthful Virgin brand and they can be seen all over Los Angeles with lots of different straplines and models.

Other cool billboards
Next is a selection of miscellaneous billboards for health and fitness, technology, performing arts and animal welfare. Up first is this eye-catching green billboard for West Hollywood's yoga and cycling studio. It's certainly eye-catching with it's simple imagery and tongue-in-cheek name.
Next, you can tell that summer is nearly here when you start seeing these billboards for the Hollywood Bowl season. There really isn't anything quite like a concert at the open air amphitheater on a beautiful Californian evening.
I totally agree with the sentiment of this billboard for Lumix, 'If it has a ringtone, it's not a camera'. Whilst I love the handiness of my iPhone camera, there's nothing like a real camera for great quality images, with flash and zoom capabilities.
Finally there's this PETA billboard starring naked actress and TV show host Olivia Munn to encourage people to boycott the circus for their use of animals from the wild, like elephants.

Come back next month for another eclectic mix of billboards from around the City of Angels in June 2010 and check out Daily Billboard every day for the latest striking billboard designs for movies, television, fashion and so much more...

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