Monday, May 31, 2010

The fresh pup of Bel Air...

How much fun can two Labradors have with a swimming pool in the hills of Bel Air? The answer, lots and lots and lots.

My new favourite comedy Cooper moment
Comedy pool Labrador Cooper
Take one yellow Labrador and one chocolate Labrador and a swimming pool and you have the recipe for a fantastic afternoon of non-stop pool play.

Woody and Cooper at play
Swimming pool Labradors
Chocolate and yellow pool Labradors
On Saturday we had the opportunity to take Cooper for a play-date to a home more befitting his 'Hollywood Hound' status.
Happy poolside Labrador Cooper
Bel Air pool LabradorLabrador about to jump in pool
We were invited up to his Runyon Canyon hiking pal, chocolate Labrador Woody's, new hilltop mansion in Bel Air to enjoy his fabulous pool with its spectacular views of the surrounding hills, plus Westwood and Downtown L.A. city skyline.
Pool Labrador and Downtown LA view
Bel Air hillside view
Downtown Los Angeles view from Bel Air
Initially a bit wary of the swimming pool as a pup, Cooper has quickly found his true retriever heritage and at two years old is now an excellent diver and swimmer - he truly has become a marvel to watch.
Super dog Cooper
Swimming pool pup
Pool Labradors
Cooper is no longer the student and has become the master of pool diving, trying to encourage his pal Woody to jump in.
Swimming pool Labrador Woody
Swimming pool Labrador toys
Woody was having none of it and was far happier to wait for Cooper to fetch all the toys and then take them off as he got to the poolside, or even mid-swim.
Racing pool Labradors
Swimming Labradors
Thankfully our pup is a sweet natured dog and isn't at all possessive so readily gives up his prize, probably with the hope that someone else will throw another toy into the pool for him.
Pouncing pool Labrador
Swimming pool Downtown LA view
It was great to see both Labradors having such fun in one of their natural habitats.
Poolside yellow Labrador CooperSwimming pool Labrador Cooper
They really do love the water and you could see how genuinely happy they were playing together.
Pool pups Woody and Cooper
Swimming pool fetch fun
Pool Labrador ball games
Cooper would have gladly chased balls into the pool all day if we'd have kept throwing them, even though you could see he was getting exhausted.
Perfect diving Labrador
Labrador pool splash
Leaping pool Labrador
Even at the beach he doesn't really get the chance to have a good swim, so it was great that he made the most of the pool.
Pool ball Labrador retrievers
Labrador pup pool games
You have to agree, he looks mighty impressive diving into that pool. He has great form and can cover a good distance. He's like 'Superdog'.
Diving pool LabradorFlying Labrador Cooper
Diving pool Labradors
Our host Woody was far more reserved and just enjoyed the company and the chance to try out his new pool with a fellow Labrador.

Chocolate Labrador Woody
Chocolate Labrador Woody
Chocolate pool Labrador Woody
Chocolate poolside Labrador Woody
We're all hoping this isn't the last time we get a chance for these two to play together in the pool. Maybe next time we'll get Woody diving in after his buddy Cooper.
Diving Labradors
Diving Labrador Cooper
Bel Air Labrador
Maybe one day when Cooper is a Hollywood star we'll be able to afford our own Bel Air mansion with swimming pool, until then we'll rely upon the kindness of friends.
Bel Air West Gate
I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse of Cooper's ongoing misadventures, long may the sun shine and our pup continue to have glorious fun...

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