Monday, May 17, 2010

I left my hearts in San Francisco too...

Whilst I carefully sift through all the fabulous Bay to Breakers pictures from our weekend trip to San Francisco, I thought I'd share with you some more Hearts of San Francisco sculptures on display at Union Square.

'Heart & Heart, San Francisco' sculpture

Keiko Nelson Heart & Heart sculpture San Francisco
I've featured these fantastic heart-shaped sculptures before, as they are a similar concept the the Community of Angels charity project in L.A., but these artist created five foot hearts are in aid of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation.
Keiko Nelson Heart & Heart, San Francisco sculpture
First up of these new discoveries is 'Heart & Heart, San Francisco' by Keiko Nelson from February 11, 2010.
Keiko Nelson Heart & Heart San Francisco sculpture
I loved the colours of this heart design and especially liked how the concept mirrored the weather of San Francisco with the fog rolling in, much like the day I took these photographs.

'Heart & Heart, San Francisco'
sculpture viewed from behind
Keiko Nelson Heart and Heart sculpture reverse
This heart sculpture can be found in Union Square of the corner of Powell and Geary Street.
Heart & Heart San Francisco sculpture Keiko Nelson
Next up is another fantastic design and a nice rosy heart to catch your eye.

'Microclimates' heart sculpture
Microclimates heart sculpture Manisha Patel
This particular heart is named 'Microclimates' and is by Manisha Patel, also from February 11, 2010.
Microclimates heart Manisha Patel San Francisco
You'll find it currently at the corner of Stockton and Geary Street at Union Square.
Microclimates heart Manisha Patel Union Square
Microclimates heart Manisha Patel Union Square
When you take a closer look you'll be mesmerized by the swirling white microclimate design and I'm beginning to wonder if everyone who lives in San Francisco is obsessed with the weather.

'Microclimates' heart sculpture viewed from behind
Manisha Patel Microclimates heart sculpture
The next heart makes a refreshing change from the others as it's a metalwork sculpture.

'MHS#1' heart sculpture
Rebecca Fox MHS1 Heart Sculpture
This steel heart sculpture is 'MHS#1' by Rebecca Fox, from February 12, 2009.
Rebecca Fox MHS1 Heart Union Square
 MHS1 Rebecca Fox Heart San Francisco
This magnificent painted welded steel heart was previously on display in Mission Creek Park in San Francisco from March to September 2009.
Rebecca Fox MHS1 metal heart San Francisco
This interesting piece can now be viewed at Union Square at the corner of Stockton and Post Street until September 2010.

'MHS#1' heart sculpture
viewed from above and behind
Rebecca Fox MHS1 steel heart sculptureRebecca Fox MHS1 Heart San Francisco
And finally for this collection of colourful hearts, is one you've seen before.

'My Heart' sculpture
Sirron Norris My Heart Sculpture
My Heart Sculpture Sirron Norris
This fun cartoon style painted heart is 'My Heart' by Sirron Norris and was once on display at Union Square, but can now be found in the foyer of a bank on Market Street in the Financial District of San Francisco.
Sirron Norris My Heart San FranciscoSirron Norris My Heart Sculpture Market Street
What do you think of the new hearts? What's your favourite? Post a comment and let me know.

Come back soon for great photos of the chaos and fun that was the 99th Bay to Breakers 12k race in San Francisco...

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Paula Young LMFT said...

Just saw the puffy, big heart sculptures for the 1st time when I was in S.F. on Friday. So cool!

thanks for posting your pictures of them.

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