Sunday, May 30, 2010

Letters to Juliet is a love letter to Italy...

Letters to Juliet is a totally predictable romantic comedy and a real love letter to the beauty of Italy, but despite all that, or maybe because of that, I throughly enjoyed it.
Letters to Juliet movie billboard
Amanda Seyfried makes a believable and likable leading lady, 'Sophie', who wants to evolve beyond her fact-checking status to full blown writer and on a pre-honeymoon trip to Verona, Italy, with her fiance chances upon a sweet story that changes her life.

Whilst her future husband busies himself with potential suppliers for his New York restaurant she discovers the 'secretaries of Juliet', who answer the letters of lovelorn women who leave messages for Shakespeare's literary 'star-cross'd lover'.

Finding a fifty year old letter left by the wonderful Vanessa Redgrave, she encourages 'Claire' to take a chance on love and return to Italy to seek out her childhood sweetheart 'Lorenzo'.

Accompanied by her very British grandson 'Charlie', a bit of an unromantic 'cold fish', the threesome set off to track down this long lost love in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany.
Letters to Juliet movie poster
The scenery is breathtaking and I think because I've visited Siena in the past, you always have a different appreciation of a film when you can identify with the location and circumstances.

Even though the male actors are woefully outclassed by the female characters, it's still a sweet and endearing love story regardless of how cliche it may be.

I give Letters to Juliet three *** stars and it made for a charming alternative to Sex and the City 2 which was sold out on its opening weekend.

If you love Italy and romance, you'll love Letters to Juliet...

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