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New TV and movie billboards around L.A. in May 2010...

May has been a great month for new film and television billboards, these are just a few of the eye-catching examples gracing L.A.'s skies.

Movie billboards
Marmaduke film billboard
I couldn't resist starting this collection of movie billboards with this fun, super-sized billboard for the new live-action Marmaduke film. Loving the Great Dane's shades, but not sure about the cat on his head (I won't be trying that pose with our Labrador Cooper anytime soon).
Shrek Final Chapter film billboard
Then there's more comedy with Shrek's fourth cinematic outing, The Final Chapter. Although I doubt it's the last we've seen of the green ogre and his fairytale friends.
Shrek Final Chapter film billboard
Next up, Jake Gyllenhaal cuts his way into the action as the Prince of Persia in this attention grabbing billboard.
Prince of Persia film billboard
I know it's Memorial Day Weekend, but does the date really need to be the most important thing on this poster? Maybe they should rethink the hierarchy of messages, as not everyone is familiar with the Prince of Persia character.
Sex and the City 2 film billboard
Also opening for this weekend is the second installment in the Sex and the City movies. So if you don't fancy a swashbuckling adventure with Jake, maybe fashion, fun and fabulousness with Sarah Jessica Parker and the girls is more your thing (funny that they were both filmed in Morocco though).
Letters to Juliet movie billboard
For the true romantic, there's Letters to Juliet to stir the heart, with Amanda Seyfried experiencing the delights of Verona in Northern Italy.
Robin Hood movie billboard
You can also discover the untold story of Robin Hood if you're in the mood for a history lesson, courtesy of Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.
Splice film billboard
If you're sci-fi and horror fan there's Splice to look forward to, with this slightly creepy alien looking baby billboard. The trailer makes the film look like a mix of Species and Mimic, so let's see if the genetically engineered 'Dren' is more entertaining than those two movies.
Mercy film billboard
If you fancy something on a smaller scale budget, there's the drama Mercy, starring Scott Caan.
Karate Kid movie billboard
If you're in the mood for a movie remake, there's the new Karate Kid starring Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith. I'm loving the high-kicking billboard, but I wonder if it can compare to the iconic genre-defining original 1984 version, starring Ralph Macchio.
Karate Kid and Grown Ups billboards
Above The Karate Kid billboard in this photo is a fun creative for the new Grown Ups comedy starring Adam Sadler, Salma Hayek and Rod Schneider to name but a few. I like the use of the childhood photos of the cast as a point of difference to other movie billboards.
Just Wright movie billboard
Queen Latifah certainly seems to be carving out a great film career for herself, from musicals Chicago and Hairspray, to sweet tales like The Secret Life of Bees and starring roles in her own movies like the new Just Wright romantic comedy.
Who is Salt Angelina Jolie billboard
This intriguing 'Who is Salt' billboard is a great tease for Angelina Jolie's new espionage thriller, Salt. But what I want to know is what's happened the punctuation at the end of that question?
Jonah Hex movie billboard
On the walls at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank there was a billboard for the movie adaptation of the DC Comics western character, 'Jonah Hex', with Josh Brolin as the titular cowboy.
Inception movie billboard
Also on display was a teaser billboard for Leonardo DiCaprio's new movie, Inception, written and directed by The Dark Knight's Chris Nolan. The invasion of people's dreams sci-fi concept, combined with the visually interesting trailer, makes this movie top of my summer cinema viewing.
Get him to the Greek film billboard
Would you really want to have to get British comedian Russell Brand anywhere, let alone Griffith Park's Greek Theatre? That's what Superbad's Jonah Hill needs to do in this new comedy, escort the out-of-control rock god to L.A. for the start of his $100-million tour.
War Machine Iron Man 2 billboard
And finally, if you're looking for an entertaining movie to see this weekend my money is on Iron Man 2 as it's just a fun-filled, action romp. I just love this billboard featuring War Machine and Iron Man, protecting commuters atop this tall building on Highland Avenue framed by that blue Californian sky.

TV billboards
True Blood season 3 teaser billboard
Vampires, vampires everywhere and not a drop to drink. Thankfully the next Twilight movie is out later this summer, otherwise I think L.A. may just suffer a vampire overload with all these billboards for True Blood and The Vampire Diaries TV shows.
True Blood season 3 cast billboard
Luckily these are great visuals and even The Vampire Diaries has made their campaign more racy to compete with True Blood's raunchy reputation.
Vampire Diaries season 2 TV billboard
Next it's the end of reality as we know it, or at least one reality TV show, with the final season of the Los Angeles based MTV series, The Hills.
The Hills Final Season billboard
More reality nonsense comes in the form of Paris Hilton's British Best Friend reality show, where she searches the U.K. for a new best pal. Hmm, I wonder if this was a way for her American friends to get her out of the country? Maybe she should stick with the bulldog.
Paris Hilton's British Best Friend billboard
This advertisement for new show Pretty Little Liars is an intriguing billboard and really stands out as your drive by.
Pretty Little Liars TV billboard
And this cast billboard for Gossip Girl's fourth season looks like it's been ripped from the pages of some high fashion magazine.
Gossip Girl season 4 billboard
The billboard for Adult Swim's smart animated comedy The Boondocks season three is such an arresting image along Sunset Boulevard.
The Boondocks season 3 TV billboard
And finally for TV, six years in the making, the series finale billboard for LOST. This soon to be iconic cast billboard is very dramatic, but were you all as lost by the end of the series as I was? A few more answers to the mystery of the island would have been nice, although it was an emotional send off for the fan-favourite series.
LOST series finale TV billboard
And there you have the eclectic offering of film and TV billboards in May, as you can see there was lots of variety out there this month as we head towards the season of summer blockbuster movies and as some TV series come to an end and new summer shows gear up.

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