Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sneak peak at the new ArcLight Pasadena cinema...

Yesterday I was invited along with a selection of other influential L.A. based bloggers to a special advance preview screening at ArcLight Pasadena cinema (it felt quite gratifying to be considered 'media' after pouring my heart and soul into my three blogs these past two years).
ArcLight Pasadena
Regular visitors to Jason in Hollywood will know that I love ArcLight cinemas, not only for their behind-the-scenes costume and prop exhibits, but also for the overall enjoyable cinematic experience.
ArcLight Pasadena Departure Board
There's the superior sound and picture quality, no commercials before the movie, comfortable seats and the fact that cinema goers really do seem to be film enthusiasts and so are considerate of their fellow audience members viewing experience.
Canapes at ArcLight Pasadena
So with a friend in tow we braved the freeway to the wilds of Pasadena and gladly accepted a free screening and some lovely pre-movie bites.

It's funny I've been here over two years and have found myself venturing to Pasadena more often of late, as only recently I visited The Huntington Botanical Gardens in nearby San Marino for the first time in April.
ArcLight Pasadena decor
I'm pleased to say that the newly renovated cinema has the same light and bright feel as Hollywood, with the signature 'Departure Board' in the foyer and a similar image wall (soon to be named via a contest running on the facebook fan page) to the poster wall at ArcLight Sherman Oaks.
ArcLight Pasadena movie image wall
I saw the fantastic Kick-Ass again and was pleased to see that the quality is up to ArcLight's high standards and the staff are certainly friendly and helpful, and seem keen to provide a great experience for movie goers in Pasadena.

The cinema has it's official opening night with its midnight screenings for Iron Man 2 this coming Thursday 7th May, and I'm sure I'll be visiting more in the future...

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