Thursday, May 20, 2010

What an amazing mind can do...

It really is amazing what a creative mind can do.
Eiotown glitterball creation
These past two years I've never been happier than working on my blogs and being creative - writing, taking photos and putting it all out there on the world wide web for all to discover (and hopefully enjoy).
Eiotown Mirrorball creationEio glitterball mannequin creation
I've admired these window display art creations from afar for a while now, and by afar I mean driving past each morning in my car.
Tree dress creation Eiotown
Eiotown tree dress mannequin
These innovative art installations grace the West Hollywood 'Out of the Closet' thrift store on Santa Monica Boulevard and change on a regular basis.
Eiotown bicycle art creation
Eio bike wheel art creation
Eiotown wheel creation
Each unique creation seems more mind-boggling and impressive than the last.
Eiotown Body at Death cork creationBody at Death The Soul Eiotown artBody at Death The Soul Eiotown
They are by a Mexican artist called Eio (Edgar I. Orduna), so check out his website Eiotown for more details.
Eio art creation
I bet Eio makes a killer Halloween costume...

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M* said...

this is so cool, i walked by and saw this current installastion, so cool. glad u covered it, i was looking for the artist name, thanks

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