Saturday, May 8, 2010

When Jason in Hollywood met Iron Man 2...

Two years ago my fascination with movie costumes and props began when I enjoyed my first visit to the ArcLight Hollywood cinema and came face to face with the actual Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the first movie.
Iron Man 2 suit and Jason
I'm off to see the Marvel Comics sequel tonight and I was disappointed to learn that none of the ArcLight cinemas would have any original costume or prop exhibits from the film this time around.
The Seven Dwarves at Walt Disney Studios
So yesterday you can imagine my delight when a certain someone I know told me that there was a new Iron Man 2 suit on display in the staff restaurant at the Walt Disney corporate headquarters in Burbank, California. In case you're wondering why it was there, Disney recently acquired Marvel Comics, who own characters like Iron Man, Spider-man, the Hulk and the X-Men, for around $4 billion.
Disney Studios Disney Legends statue
Obviously not one to pass up the opportunity I raced over there, after walking Cooper at Runyon Canyon, and snapped a few photos of the new armour and the sights around the rest of the Disney Studios.
Disney Studios Minnie Mouse bench sculpture
It was scorching hot day in the valley with beautiful clear blues skies, so I managed to get some great shots of the Team Disney building held up by Snow White's Seven Dwarves and also this fantastic sculpture of Roy O. Disney beside Minnie Mouse on a park bench outside the building.
Iron Man 2 movie costume and Jason
In addition to the amazingly detailed Iron Man 2 suit I was also fortunate to get a glimpse of some other original costumes from famous Disney live-action movies, like Tim Burton's recent adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, High School Musical 3, Pirates of the Caribbean, Price Caspian, Enchanted, the Hannah Montana movie and more.

Alice in Wonderland costume
Alice in Wonderland movie costume
Here's just a selection at some of the fabulous outfits, you'll find more information about them very soon at my Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog.

Sharpay Evan's graduation outfit from
High School Musical 3: Senior Year
High School Musical 3 Sharpay graduation costume
So as you can see it was a fun-filled morning. Now I'd better get ready for tonight, as you never know who, or what, you'll see at the ArcLight Hollywood...

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I just found this site! Any chance of getting some new pics of the calendar boys!?! Really liked the series of Aussie guys!

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