Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cooper has one too many...

As it's been a busy month it's understandable that Cooper feels the need for a little glass of something and as we're in California it stands to reason he'd reach for a nice refreshing Rose.
Labrador Cooper has one too many
What with house-hunting, L.A.'s 40th Gay Pride Parade, classic car spotting at the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show, singing along to Grease at the Hollywood Bowl and daily walks at Runyon Canyon, it's no wonder he looks so exhausted.

It's also been an age since we had any pictures of Cooper on Jason in Hollywood, so it seems like a natural way to end the month.

Stand by for more excitement in July. A new home, new adventures, but the same adorable Labrador....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cool film, TV and fashion billboards around L.A. in June 2010...

June has been another great month to see a wonderful variety of billboards on the streets of L.A. New TV series, blockbuster movies, summer fashion and new technology billboards abound in the skies, making navigating around Los Angeles a visually interesting business.

Enjoy this latest selection of advertising billboards and for a different billboard creative every day to tickle your fancy, follow Daily Billboard on facebook.

Movie billboards
Twilight Eclipse movie billboard
This billboard for the third installment in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse really capitalises on its young stars good looks and recognisability amongst the movies target audience. Buff Taylor Lautner bares some muscle, Kristen Stewart looks all moody and Robert Pattinson looks suitably pale and vampiric.
Knight and Day billboard
I was surprised, but also applaud, that the movie billboard for Knight and Day went with this James Bond-esque silhouette design rather than resorting to head-shots for its two main stars, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. It's still an eye-catching image.
Salt movie billboard
A sultry Angelina Jolie peaks out from this billboard for Salt which is on my must-see summer movies list.
Despicable Me billboard
On the other hand I won't be rushing to see Despicable Me at the cinema, but I do think these minion characters are quite funny.
Buzz Lightyear Toy Story 3 billboard
And I can't wait to see Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the gang in Toy Story 3.

TV billboards
Top Shot TV billboard
This History Channel billboard for Top Shot really catches your eye (pardon the pun) along Sunset Boulevard. It's a clever visual.
Hung season 2 TV billboard
This second season billboard for HBO's gigolo comedy drama, Hung, is witty and simple. It really made me smile when I saw it and read the tagline.
Huge TV billboard
Change one letter and you get Huge, a new comedy drama series starring Hairspray's 'Tracy Turnblad', Nikki Blonsky, looking at body issues at a weight-loss camp.
Real L Word TV billboard
Next up is a billboard for The Real L Word, a reality show following the exploits of six attractive, successful partying lesbians in L.A. Using the palm trees and sunset to hide the ladies bare bodies is a clever visual trick.
Entourage series 7 TV billboard
The Entourage cast look as cool as ever in the season seven billboard.
True blood season 3 TV billboard
And finally for television, a spectacular building billboard for the third season of True Blood.

Fashion billboards
AX Bodies of Summer billboard
For fashion, Armani Exchange heats up the streets with these black and white 'Bodies of Summer' campaign billboards. So cool and sexy.
Armani Exchange swimwear billboard
Who's that girl peaking over those sunglasses? Why, it's Madonna and her stylish new eyewear range, MDG, with Dolce & Gabanna.
Madonna Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses billboard
And more importantly who's that smoldering guy in the Express fashion billboards?
Express June 2010 fashion billboard
Speaking of good looking male models, here's another chilling in this laid back Banana Republic billboard.
Banana Republic male model fashion billboard
Eva Mendes continues to steam up Sunset Boulevard in this sexy billboard for Calvin Klein Jeans.
Sexy Eva Mendes CK Jeans billboard
And finally for fashion, here's luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co with an eye-catching billboard for Tiffany Keys.
Tiffany Keys jewelry billboard

Theme Park billboards
Disneyland Summer Nightastic billboard
This Summer Nightastic billboard for Disneyland really stands out against the Californian sky with that colourful dragon image.
King Kong ride Universal Studios billboard
Whilst Universal Studios also tries to grab your attention with this clever advert for its new King Kong 3D ride literally bursting out of the billboard hoardings.

Travel billboards
Virgin America wifi billboard
This is the latest in the vibrant and youthful Virgin America billboards which have been brightening the skies around L.A. It looks like their airline is the perfect way to travel for a blogger like me with inflight WiFi.

Technology billboards
iPad billboard Sunset Boulevard
Talking of technology, I just love these colourful new billboards for Apple's iPad. They really pop with their candy colour simplicity.
Driod does apps billboard
It's a different approach, but I also like the billboards for the iPhone challenger, Droid. Anything you can do, we can do too (or is that better).

Food & drink billboards
Ketel One Oranje vodka billboard
Ketel One have entered L.A.'s Vodka Wars with this new billboard for their Oranje variant.
Corona find your beach billboard
Whilst even though I'm not a beer drinker, Corona Extra does its very best to entice me to enjoy this refreshing looking bottle of beer.
McDonalds like hotcakes billboard
I'm not a huge fast food or McDonalds fan and usually hate their red and yellow colour combination, but the witty strapline on this billboard made me smile - 'our hotcakes going like...', indeed.

Charity billboards
AIDS Walk California billboard
And finally for this month is this bright billboard for AIDS Walk California, the yellow design really standing out against that glorious blue California sky.

Enjoy this selection of billboards and come back next month for another great round-up...

Monday, June 28, 2010

A third heavenly host in the City of Angels...

This is my third round-up of angelic imagery around L.A. and I've chosen to showcase the statue that started it all, 'The Spirit of Los Angeles' bronze at The Grove.

The Spirit of Los Angeles
Spirit of Los Angeles angel statue
Whilst looking up at this glorious winged sculpture I got to wondering where were all the other angels in this affectionately named 'City of Angels'. And with that my Angel Quest about the streets of L.A. (and beyond), began, hunting out any angelic imagery, statues or signs that caught my eye.
Spirit of Los Angeles angels
The bronze sculpture by De L'Esprie has become the focal point of The Grove's Main Street and was commissioned in 2001 by the shopping center's developers. The work is also referred to as the 'Pillar to the Heavenlies' and atop its column the sculpture stands over 32 feet high.

Project Angel Food float at L.A. Pride 2010
Project Angel Food flag LA Pride 2010
Next up is a host of angel flags and a parade float for Project Angel Food atL.A.'s 40th Gay Pride Parade.
Project Angel Food LA Pride 2010
The charitable organisation provides meals daily in Los Angeles for people homebound or suffering from serious illness, like HIV/AIDS. The volunteers really are like angels ministering to people in their time of need.
Project Angel Food float LA Pride 2010
Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, near Pasadena, is also home to a whole host of outdoor angel statuary, from cheeky cherubs to winged Father Time, angel of death himself.
Woman blindfolded by cherub statue

Father Time
Father Time statue Huntington Gardens
The Huntington Gardens also have wonderful grounds with a fantastic selection of plants and flowers to explore.
Temple of Love silent cherub Huntington Gardens
I've also continued to spot angels in my local neighbourhood, in local retail store windows...
Ornamental cupid statue
Antique angel statue
Melrose Avenue in the City of Los Angeles has continued to be a great source of angel sightings in recent months, from angel signage...
John Fluevog shop window angelForgotten Saints angel of death
At times, when angel sightings have been thin on the ground, you consider everything from winged Egyptian gods like Isis on restaurant signs...
Amoon Ra Cafe Isis angels
To jewelry store images that could either be angels or Folie Bergere showgirls...
JR's Jewelers angel sign
Even Tooth Fairies start to look like angels when they have the right set of wings...
Tooth Fairy film billboard
In fact we started the year with a whole host of angel billboards and posters around L.A. for the horror-fantasy movie, Legion, featuring Paul Bettany as a fallen archangel...
Legion winged archangel movie billboard
Sadly it wasn't a very good film, but it did provide great angel visuals to enjoy.
Legion of angels posters
There was fantastic fashion featuring bound, dark angels in shop windows (but sadly not in my size)...
Dark bound angel tshirt
And there were even a couple of cherub angels for East L.A. math teacher Jaime Escalante, who sadly died on March 30, 2010. His true story of how he challenged the school system to educate his inner city students was made famous in the 1988 film, Stand and Deliver. These angels feature on a wall mural by Hector Ponce which is an homage to that film.
Hector Ponce mural angels
Finally for this round-up of angels, this angelic dog statue was a Christmas gift, celebrating my love of angel hunting and of Labradors.
Angelic dog statue
If you live in L.A., know of any famous angel landmarks here, or have spotted any angels on your travels when visiting, do drop me a line (or post a comment) and let me know of any sculptures, signs or angel imagery I've missed.

For now I'll keep my eyes peeled and hope for enough sightings for a fourth host of heavenly angels in the future...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Singalong Grease is the word at The Hollywood Bowl...

What a great, fun night we had last night at Sing-a-long Grease at the Hollywood Bowl.
Singalong Grease Hollywood Bowl 2010
It was our first outing to the outdoor amphitheater this year and it was certainly well worth every minute.
Singalong Grease Hollywood Bowl sign
This is what summer is all about, a picnic, a few drinks, friends and a favourite film that you can sing along to at the top of your voice and not worry about ruining anyone else's enjoyment.
Grease singalong Hollywood Bowl
The gang was all there, Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, The Pink Ladies and T-Bird's and they even had 'Frenchie' aka Didi Conn compering the evening's festivities, including the costume contest.
Singalong Grease Frenchie Hollywood Bowl
The classic musical comedy is one of my favourite feel-good movies and I grew up with it playing on TV seemingly every Bank Holiday in the U.K.
Singalong Grease Stockard Channing Hollywood Bowl
For this event our seats were higher in the 17,000 seater amphitheater than I'd ever been, but it didn't matter as we had a great central view of the movie screen and I also learned that the Hollywood Sign is visible from the Hollywood Bowl which I'd never realised before.
Singalong Grease Hollywood Bowl 2010
Grease is a fantastic sing-a-long movie as it has lots of memorable and singable songs like Summer Nights, Beauty School Dropout, Greased Lightnin', Born to Hand Jive and many more.
Singalong Grease Rizzo Hollywood Bowl
It seemed like a packed house at the Bowl and we were surrounded by more than enough costumed Pink Ladies and Beauty School Dropouts singing their hearts out.
Singalong Grease beauty school Hollywood BowlSingalong Grease Beauty School dropout Hollywood Bowl
For me it was a much more satisfying sing-a-long than the Sound of Music, mainly I think because the tone is lighter and it's a shorter movie, and those coordinated dance routines help too.
Singalong Grease Cha Cha Hollywood Bowl
Singalong Grease Lightning Hollywood Bowl
The 1978 movie also has some amazing characters like Rizzo and Cha Cha DiGregorio, although as a child it always mystified me how high school kids looked so different from all my school friends, until I realised most of the actors were in their late twenties and thirties.
Singalong Grease shake shack Hollywood Bowl
Singalong Grease Sandy Danny Hollywood Bowl
I hope they have the good sense never to try and remake Grease, as it's perfect they way it is (I'm even one of those few people who like Grease 2).
Grease Hollywood Bowl 2010
Anyway, it was a fabulous start to my Hollywood Bowl season, even though at the moment we don't have tickets to any other event.

But oh, those summer nights....

Buy the movie and soundtrack in the USA: Grease (Rockin' Rydell Edition) [Blu-ray]

Buy the movie and soundtrack in the UK: Grease [Blu-ray] [1978]