Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Behind-the-scenes of new movie Hop...

Filming starts at Runyon Canyon this week for a new children's comedy movie called 'Hop'.
Hop film behind the scenes set build
On IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) it claims this movie due out in 2011 is about The Easter Bunny being knocked down by accident and the driver of the car having to save Easter in his place.
Hop movie filming notice Runyon Canyon
If it's the same movie then current flavour of the month, British comedian Russell Brand, will voice The Easter Bunny and James Marsden will star.
Hop movie behind the scenes
This set build for 'Hop' seems to be a corner of the 'D' from the infamous Hollywood Sign, so I'm guessing they'll film a couple of scenes from the movie here and then digitally add the rest of the sign. That's my guess anyway.

It took them about two days to construct this set, with an awful lot of people wandering about and 'guarding' the set and very few actually building it - no wonder film production is so expensive.
Hollywood Sign
It's great to see movies still being filmed on location in California, rather than less expensive parts of the world, but I'll be keeping clear of Runyon Canyon this week as parking is certain to be disastrous as the film crew takes up all the spaces.

Anyway, I'm off to Six Flags Magic Mountain today to ride some roller-coasters and Cooper's off for a day at doggie daycare. I wonder who'll have more fun...

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