Sunday, June 20, 2010

The circle of life, or is that light...?

About a month ago I shared with you that a pair of birds had made a nest in our condo hallway light, well the circle of life continues as the egg they've been incubating has hatched and we have a new neighbour.
Bird's nest mum and baby
The baby bird and parents seem to be doing well and just so you know I was very careful not to disturb or scare the birds when I snapped this photo (without the flash).

Mind you, the nest is situated behind a large fire door that has heavy traffic and also has cats and dogs passing by every day, so I'm sure they are used to gawking passersby.
Bird's nest hatchling
Anyway, just wanted to update you on their progress. I'm sure in no time at all the bird will be taking flight and we'll have our hallway light back.

Until then...

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