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A gay time at West Hollywood's Pride Parade 2010 - Part one...

You can always tell when you've had a good Pride when you wake up in the morning and there are ten empty bottles of Champagne waiting to be recycled.
West Hollywood Gay Pride stiltwalkers 2010
This year we had a gay old time with new friends and old enjoying the 40th Annual L.A. Pride Parade through the heart of West Hollywood.
West Hollywood Pride Parade flags
I love Gay Pride, wherever you are it's the day dedicated to celebrating gay culture and not being afraid to be who you are and to love who you want to.

West Hollywood Pride fabulousness
Red dress drag West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010
Glamour at West Hollywood Pride 2010
Over the next few days I'll share with you some of the fabulous images from the gloriously sunny June morning.
Frat House float West Hollywood Pride 2010 id=
I managed to snap about 650 photos so I make no apologies for the quantity, so sit back and delight in the spectacle of the colour, costumes, fun, pride and love that was all around.

Parade Grand Marshals Kelly and Sharon Osbourne
Sharon and Kelly Osbourne West Hollywood Pride 2010
This year reality television mother and daughter act, Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, were the Pride Parade's Grand Marshals for 2010.
Grand Marshal float LA Pride 2010
This was my third West Hollywood Pride and each year I always forget how many politicians and attorney's take part in the Parade.

Congresswoman Judy Chu (32nd District of California)
Congresswoman Judy Chu LA gay Pride 2010
Whilst I appreciate their support, I do sometimes think they have ulterior motives and it's just about them capitalising on this huge captive audience (but that's just the cynic in me).

Make Me A Supermodel's finalist Ronnie Kroell
Playgirl model Ronnie Kroell WEHO Pride 2010
Gay model Ronnie Kroell WEHO Pride 2010
Luckily there were other exciting celebrities to entertain the crowds and show their support like the adorable Make Me A Supermodel's 'Ronnie Kroell', himself gay, who's modeling in the June issue of Playgirl for charity.

On The Red Carpet TV hosts
Rachel Smith and Chris Balish WEHO Pride 2010
TV presenters Rachel Smith and Chris Balish from On The Red Carpet were also a part of the Parade.

Actress Jennifer Gimenez
Jennifer Gimenez West Hollywood Pride 2010
Actress and model Jennifer Gimenez seemed to be having a good time joining in with the pride festivities, as was CNN newscaster and the titular host of 'Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell'.

CNN presenter Jane Velez-Mitchell
Jane Velez-Mitchell West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010

Attorney and equality activist Gloria Allred
Gloria Allred Attorney West Hollywood Pride 2010
Attorney and equality advocate 'Gloria Allred' was driven by a friend of ours, who hilariously dressed up as her drag double (the resemblance was uncanny).

Latino TV celebrities
Latino celebrities West Hollywood Pride 2010La Chiquibaby and friends West Hollywood Pride 2010
Latino TV personalities Stephanie Bradford, Carlos Alvarez and La Chiquibaby joined in with the fun Pride Parade spirit.

Prince Frederic von Anhalt for Governor
Prince Frederic von Anhalt LA Pride 2010Prince Frederic von Anhalt WEHO Pride 2010
Adding to the spectacle was also Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband in his horse drawn carriage. Apparently Prince Frederic von Anhalt is running for California Governor, maybe he has more money than sense, or maybe he'd do a better job than Arnold Schwarzenegger (I mean it's not hard to do a worse job right?).

Pride 2010 beefcake
West Hollywood Pride Parade beefcake 2010
Hot guy West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010
So aside from all the celebrities, personalities and famous names, there was also the usual riotous display of hunky men, dazzling drag queens and lots of people having fun and entertaining the local crowds.
Gay Cheerleaders West Hollywood Pride 2010
West Hollywood Pride Parade cheerleaders 2010
I also like when big corporations join in and show their support, whether its with a float like Macy's or just employees marching as part of a gay social club.
Macy's float West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010
The Pride Parade can be a very unifying experience. You see people there from all walks of life, all genders, colours and creeds, from young and old to gay and straight.
West Hollywood Pride Parade glittering wheelchair 2010
West Hollywood Pride Parade Bienestar dancers 2010
I always love to see families in the crowds with their children, it makes me feel like there's hope for the next generation if these kids can grow up realising everyone should be equal and being gay is just a natural part of life.
Orange County Dancers WEHO Pride 2010
Gay Ballroom dancers WEHO Pride Parade 2010
Obviously they also get to see how creative and talented a group of people we are too.
Elvis West Hollywood Gay Pride 2010
And whilst we're celebrating we also find time to educate about the important issues that effect gay life.
Support Gay marriage LA Pride 2010
Marry Me West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010
Like the inequalities of same-sex marriage not being legal, the unfair secrecy that gays still have to face in the army, plus healthcare and social issues that we affect our community.
Aids Walk West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010
After two and half hours of costumes, characters and creativity I'm still left wanting more though.
West Hollywood Pride Parade balloons 2010
If you like these photos from this year's Parade be sure to check out my photos from West Hollywood's Pride 2008 and 2009.
Best in Drag Show West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010
Then come back tomorrow for more visual delights from L.A.'s 40th Pride Parade.
Los Candiles WEHO Pride Parade 2010
Until then enjoy...

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