Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A gay time at West Hollywood's Pride Parade 2010 - Part two...

Yesterday I brought you highlights of the 40th Annual L.A. Gay Pride Parade focusing on all the TV celebrities and famous personalities who participated in the fabulous event.
Painted hunk WEHO pride 2010
Today you'll get to see even more fantastic visual delights, so prepare for hot guys, high drama and the colourful spectacle that befits West Hollywood's Gay Pride celebrations.
Buff dancer West Hollywood Pride 2010
The beaming California sun wasn't the only thing that was hot on Sunday June 13, 2010.
Buff bliue hunk WEHO Pride 2010
It certainly seemed to keep all the onlookers entertained for the two and half hours that the Parade lasted anyway.
Abbey Hunks West Hollywood Pride 2010
I love the Parade floats that really make an effort and local Latino community services and advocacy organization, Bienestar, always has a creative, high energy presence.

Bienestar float dancer
Bienestar performer LA Pride Parade 2010Aztec god LA Gay Pride 2010
This year their colourful offering ranged from painted Aztec gods to go-go dancer butterfly boys.
Hunky butterfly West Hollywood Pride 2010
Butterfly Boy LA gay Pride 2010
Last year they had a fabulous superhero float which was great fun and a favourite of mine.
Bienestar butterfly West Hollywood Pride 2010West Hollywood butterfly go-go boy Pride 2010
Another popular regular fixture is the fire truck strewn with buff Micky's Bar go-go dancers (they obviously took the bar burning down to heart).

Micky's Flaming Gay Bar fire truck
Micky's Bar fire truck WEHO gay Pride 2010
Micky's fire truck LA Pride 2010
It seems that blue is quite the colour to be this year.
Blue muscle guy LA Gay Pride 2010
Those boys from Micky's certainly now how to put on a show.
Micky's blue stud WEHO Pride 2010
The annual Pride Parade reflects all colours of the rainbow, so you get your buff muscle boys in their underwear showing off their perfectly toned physiques to your leather biker boys straddling their impressive motorbikes.
Hot gay biker West Hollywood Pride 2010West Hollywood Gay Pride Bikers 2010Gay bikers West Hollywood Pride 2010
In addition to all the floats and parade participants, there's also all the hot promotional boys walking alongside handing out all kinds of free stuff (although there was a bit of a lack of water and energy drinks his year).
Hot guy WEHO Gay Pride 2010
This guy with his perfect pecs and abs seemed a real crowd pleaser (at least he was keeping himself safe from the sun's rays).
Perfect abs and pecs WEHO Pride 2010
Tattoo muscle guy LA Pride 2010

Club Ripples Beach Bar float
Podium dancer WEHO Gay Pride 2010
Hot chocolate guy West Hollywood Pride 2010
You can always guarantee The Abbey has some good looking guys in the Parade (and serving behind their bar), although Micky's fire truck float upstages them every year.

The Abbey boys
Hot Abbey guy West Hollywood Pride 2010Hot WEHO Abbey guys Gay Pride 2010
LA Gay Pride 2010 Abbey boys
In addition to local bars, the Parade is a perfect place to showcase your men's underwear brand for an appreciative audience, just like Andrew Christian.

Andrew Christian underwear guys
Andrew Christian underwear guys WEHO Pride 2010
Remember if you see yourself in any of these pictures post a comment and let us know who you are.

Buff Asian guys
Hot Asians West Hollywood Pride 2010
It wouldn't be Pride without a few cute sailors and these ones were helping to promote the South Pacific Musical currently playing at the Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown L.A.

Buff South Pacific sailors
Hot sailor WEHO Pride Parade 2010
South Pacific Sailors LA Pride 2010
Finally I'll leave you with more of my favourite performers from this year's Parade. These sexy stiltwalkers with their rainbow headdresses. They added a great spectacle and it didn't hurt that the men were so tanned, toned and good looking.

Rainbow Network stiltwalkers
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010 rainbow stiltwalkersRainbow stiltwalkers WEHO Pride Parade 2010
Come back tomorrow for more highlights from the 40th Annual L.A. Gay Pride, expect high camp and drag queen glamour...

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