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A gay time at West Hollywood's Pride Parade 2010 - Part five...

Today is the fifth and final installment of highlights from L.A.'s 40th Annual Gay Pride Parade.
West Hollywood Pride Parade 2010 flag bearer
With over 600 fantastic photos to chose from, it's been hard to select the imagery that best conveys the fun, colour and spectacle of West Hollywood's Pride celebration.
40 years Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade 2010
After the roar of the 'Dykes on Bikes', the Parade kicks off with a police motorcycle escort and it's so great that they are not just policing the event but actually showing their support and taking an active role in the Parade itself.

Local police support and participation in the Parade
West Hollywood Gay Pride police 2010
Sheriff support West Hollywood Pride 2010
For all those homophobes and supporters of the unjust Proposition 8 in California, which denies same sex couples the ability to marry and receive equal rights, don't forget that gay people are all around you.
Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade 2010
Pride 365 Parade float LA 2010
We are policemen, firefighters, nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, pilots, farmers, movie stars, neighbours, friends and family.
Repeal don't ask don't tell LA Pride 2010
Bienestar youth tank LA Pride 2010
We are here, we are queer and we're never going away, no matter how much hate you spew.
LA Pride 2010 Micky's fire truck
Micky's blue stud LA Pride 2010
We'll just keep on putting on big fabulous parades and celebrating life and everything we've achieved so far and everything that we will accomplish in the future.
West Hollywood free hugs Pride 2010
Balloon tails WEHO Pride 2010
We will have equality.
Gay marriage supporters WEHO Pride 2010
LA Gay Pride float 2010
We will be able to marry wherever we chose to live.

Gay marriage is our right
West Hollywood Gay marriage LA Pride 2010
PFLAG support WEHO Pride 2010
It will happen. And all the while we'll be doing it in style.
Las Vegas pride at LA Pride 2010
Keeping cool LA Pride 2010
Bienestar butterfly float LA Pride 2010
Anyway, rant over, I'll get down from my soapbox now.
WEHO Gay singers Pride Parade 2010
Roman Centurion Wet Hollywood Pride 2010
Today you'll find lots of pictures from the Parade of the charities and organisations that help care for our community.
West Hollywood Parade safe sex inflatable 2010
Project Angel Food who deliver food daily to homebound and disabled people with serious illnesses like HIV/AIDS had a great float.

Project Angel Food float
Angel food flags LA Pride 2010
Project Angel food float WEHO Pride 2010
There was also great support and visibility for the 26th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles which takes place this year on October 17, 2010 and benefits APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles).

AIDS Walk L.A. supporters
Aids walk supporters LA Pride 2010
The Trevor Project has been established ten years in the U.S.A. and helps around-the-clock with crisis and suicide prevention efforts amongst the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

The Trevor Project
Trevor Project LA Pride 2010
I really think each generation is more fortunate to live in a world where they can be openly gay from an earlier age. I'm not saying it's any less of an ordeal, but I hope it's becoming easier and they experience less prejudice than we did in the past.

Gay/Straight alliance and LGTB youth groups
Gay straight alliance LA Pride 2010West Hollywood Gay youth Pride 2010
Plus there were floats and entries for senior gay and lesbian housing groups and social clubs, helping to acknowledge that being gay isn't just a privilege of the young and that these people are the pioneers that helped pave the way for the freedom that most of us get to enjoy today.

Oldies but goodies
West Hollywood seniors float Pride 2010
Project Rainbow West Hollywood Pride 2010
It's also nice to see local religious groups and churches supporting the gay community.
Religious support LA Pride 2010West Hollywood Gay dog Pride 2010
It's also great that massive business and entertainment organisations and their employees have a presence in the Parade, from nationwide retailers like Macy's to media companies like NBC Universal.
Macy's float WEHO Pride and Joy 2010NBC Universal float WEHO Pride 2010
Last year one of my favourite entries in the Parade from a selection of classic cars was this fabulous disco mirrorball car.

Disco mirrorball car
Mirrorball Ford Pinto WEHO Pride 2010
West Hollywood Pride 2010 Glitterball classic car
This year the June gloom had burned away early and the dazzling car really got it's chance to shine in the spotlight.
Colourful characters LA Gay Pride 2010
Someone else who wanted their moment to shine, was this colourful character, plus this selection of crowned 'queens' got their fifteen minutes of fame in the Pride Parade.

Carmen 'Queen of the Universe' Pride 2010
Queen of the Universe LA Pride 2010
Mr, Ms & Miss Gay Pride 2010
Mr and Ms Gay LA Pride 2010

Mondo 'Mr. Mexico' Pride 2010
Mr Mexico LA Gay Pride 2010
Sharon and Kelly Osbourne may have been the celebrity Grand Marshals of the Parade this year, but the 'Community Grand Marshal' honour went to the 'International Court System'.

International Court System float
International Court System float LA Pride 2010
This non-profit organisation was founded in San Francisco and now has 65 chapters in Canada, America and Mexico celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. It helps the LGBT community by leading AIDS fundraising and services and with human rights advocacy.
International Court System float WEHO Pride 2010
Amongst other things they endorsed making Harvey Milk's Birthday a State holiday in California.

Imperial Court of Los Angeles - Emperor Roscoe de Leon
Imperial Court float LA Pride 2010
Emperor Roscoe de Leon LA Pride 2010
And finally for this year's coverage, my favourite spectacle had to be these eye-catching stiltwalkers from the Rainbow Network entry.

Rainbow Network stiltwalkers
Rainbow Network WEHO Pride 2010Rainbow stiltwalkers WEHO Pride Parade 2010Rainbow stiltwalkers LA Pride 2010
I hope you've all enjoyed the Pride, Passion & Purpose of this year's L.A. Pride celebrations.

I for one can't wait until next year and many more to come...

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