Monday, June 7, 2010

Ignore the reviews, Killers is a whole lot of fun...

I don't know whether it was few glasses of champagne before the movie, or the fact that it was Saturday night, but Killers proved to be far more fluffy fun than the critics made out.
Killers movie poster
Ashton Kutcher plays an international assassin and super-spy, 'Spencer', who falls for Katherine Heigl's recently dumped 'Jen', who is on holiday with her parents on the French Riviera.

She gets the man of her dreams and he gives up his life of espionage to settle for a normal life in suburbia.
Katherine Heigl Killers poster
Obviously it's not that easy to give up the CIA life and after three years of happy marriage, a neighbourhood of 'sleeper' agents are activated to claim the $20 million dollar bounty on Spencer's head.

The usual gun fights, car chases and hilarity ensues and it's all predictable, watchable fun. It's not half as bad as the reviews made it sound, it is a comedy after all.
Ashton Kutcher Killers poster
If you're a fan of Katherine Heigl (she was always one of my favourites in Grey's Anatomy) and if the sight of Ashton Kutcher's buff body in a swimsuit will get you excited, then this is the movie for you.

Throw is Tom Selleck (with trademark mustache) as her father and Catherine O'Hara as her drunken mother, who is a joy to watch, and you have 100 minutes of entertaining fluff.
Killers film poster
I give the fun film three *** stars and I really can think of worse movies to watch of a weekend.

Now if only they can convince Ashton to do the movie remake of Demi Mooore's 'Striptease'...

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