Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life is a rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain...

Yesterday I extended the Memorial Day weekend frivolity and headed to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia for a day of riding rollercoasters and eating copious amounts of junk food (there really isn't anything healthy to eat at the park).

Deja Vu ride
Deja Vu ride Magic Mountain
Six Flags really doesn't compare to the quality experience of Disneyland, but what it does have are lots and lots of high thrill rides.

X2 ride entrance
X2 ride Magic Mountain
Obviously with great rollercoasters also come hordes of teenage kids, who all seemed to be on a school trip there yesterday. I have to say it was strange being surrounded by a world of children, versus the adult world, it was like being back at school for a day.

X2 ride
2 ride Six Flags Magic Mountain
The last time I'd ventured to Six Flags I'd given up waiting for the phenomenal 'X2' ride, but this time we decided to wait in line for an hour and a half and it was well worth the wait.

I have to say the first time I whisked around the ride I couldn't remember much of the experience as it all happened so fast and my world was literally turning upside down and around and about. The second time I was much more aware and seemed to see and feel it all even more.

Viper rollercoaster
Viper rollercoaster Six Flags Magic Mountain
We skipped some rides, like the 'Viper' rollercoaster, having ridden them before and headed for new pastures.

On my last visit I'd completely missed the section of the park with the 'Deja Vu' and 'Terminator Salvation' rides, so it was great to experience them this time around.

Deja Vu ride
Deja Vu Six Flags Magic Mountain
'Deja Vu' provided a real buzz as you were suspended up high then dropped to fly forward and backward over the twisting loop. It was a wild ride which was over in no time at all.

I think with most of these rides it is the anticipation as you inch to the top of the rollercoaster or wait to be dropped that is the real thrill factor.

Terminator Salvation: The Ride
Terminator Salvation ride Magic Mountain
'Terminator Salvation: The Ride' opened last year to coincide with the fourth installment of the movie franchise and is a super-fast wooden rollercoaster and immersive experience that we ventured on twice.

Actual Terminator Salvation movie tow truck
Terminator Salvation movie truck Six Flags
They even had this tow truck on display that was created especially for the movie. If you like this movie vehicle, check out this hydrobot prop from Terminator Salvation.

Wooden Terminator Salvation: The Ride
Six flags Terminator Salvation ride
With the soaring temperatures and intense sunshine of Valencia I was glad to have my sun-screen on and the water misters were a welcome addition to the queuing experience.

Terminator Salvation: The Ride
Magic Mountain Terminator
One of my favourite rides at the park is actually one of the oldest, the classic wooden 'Colossus'.

It's a rickety old rollercoaster where it's all up the up and down and the fear factor actually comes not so much from the dips, but the worry that the whole creaking thing will soon fall apart.

Colossus rollercoaster
Colossus rollercoaster Magic Mountain
The great thing about this ride is that you can get on it fairly quickly as everyone else is trying out the new attractions and overlook the simple fun of this rollercoaster, which means you can ride the front and back of the car with ease.

Riding Colossus rollercoaster
Riding Colossus Magic Mountain
Here's a short video clip of the first big dip on the 'Colossus' (courtesy of my iPhone).

As a certain kind of symmetry to our day we decided to ride 'X2' one last time before the park closed at 6pm.
Magic Mountain Six Flags
So with sore neck, shoulders, head and hips (and knowing why no one rides the 'Revolution' any more), we left Six Flags exhausted from all the thrills and being on our feet all day.

Until next time...

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