Saturday, June 26, 2010

Singalong Grease is the word at The Hollywood Bowl...

What a great, fun night we had last night at Sing-a-long Grease at the Hollywood Bowl.
Singalong Grease Hollywood Bowl 2010
It was our first outing to the outdoor amphitheater this year and it was certainly well worth every minute.
Singalong Grease Hollywood Bowl sign
This is what summer is all about, a picnic, a few drinks, friends and a favourite film that you can sing along to at the top of your voice and not worry about ruining anyone else's enjoyment.
Grease singalong Hollywood Bowl
The gang was all there, Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, The Pink Ladies and T-Bird's and they even had 'Frenchie' aka Didi Conn compering the evening's festivities, including the costume contest.
Singalong Grease Frenchie Hollywood Bowl
The classic musical comedy is one of my favourite feel-good movies and I grew up with it playing on TV seemingly every Bank Holiday in the U.K.
Singalong Grease Stockard Channing Hollywood Bowl
For this event our seats were higher in the 17,000 seater amphitheater than I'd ever been, but it didn't matter as we had a great central view of the movie screen and I also learned that the Hollywood Sign is visible from the Hollywood Bowl which I'd never realised before.
Singalong Grease Hollywood Bowl 2010
Grease is a fantastic sing-a-long movie as it has lots of memorable and singable songs like Summer Nights, Beauty School Dropout, Greased Lightnin', Born to Hand Jive and many more.
Singalong Grease Rizzo Hollywood Bowl
It seemed like a packed house at the Bowl and we were surrounded by more than enough costumed Pink Ladies and Beauty School Dropouts singing their hearts out.
Singalong Grease beauty school Hollywood BowlSingalong Grease Beauty School dropout Hollywood Bowl
For me it was a much more satisfying sing-a-long than the Sound of Music, mainly I think because the tone is lighter and it's a shorter movie, and those coordinated dance routines help too.
Singalong Grease Cha Cha Hollywood Bowl
Singalong Grease Lightning Hollywood Bowl
The 1978 movie also has some amazing characters like Rizzo and Cha Cha DiGregorio, although as a child it always mystified me how high school kids looked so different from all my school friends, until I realised most of the actors were in their late twenties and thirties.
Singalong Grease shake shack Hollywood Bowl
Singalong Grease Sandy Danny Hollywood Bowl
I hope they have the good sense never to try and remake Grease, as it's perfect they way it is (I'm even one of those few people who like Grease 2).
Grease Hollywood Bowl 2010
Anyway, it was a fabulous start to my Hollywood Bowl season, even though at the moment we don't have tickets to any other event.

But oh, those summer nights....

Buy the movie and soundtrack in the USA: Grease (Rockin' Rydell Edition) [Blu-ray]

Buy the movie and soundtrack in the UK: Grease [Blu-ray] [1978]

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