Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Splice is the perfect slice of sci-fi horror...

If you love sci-fi, you'll love Splice which is a perfect slice of science fiction, with a few scares along the way.
Splice movie billboard
Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley are a couple of kooky scientists pushing the boundaries of genetic research, but splicing animal DNA together. When their project is threatened they rashly decide to defy legal and ethical considerations and forge ahead with a human hybrid. What's the worst that could happen right?

The actors have great chemistry together and they make the incredible seem believable all the way through this inventive, engrossing movie.

There's a logical, well thought out plot and the characters themselves have some depth, from mother issues to parenting desires, but both have a slightly skewed moral compass.
Splice teaser movie poster
Splice is well filmed and surprising, you're never quite sure where it will go next. There are great creature designs and effects and the organisms they created truly do look original.

There's also some humour ('Dren' the name of their experiment is actually 'Nerd' spelled backwards), and emotion in there.

I like that the movie isn't a gory, slasher flick and I'm also glad that it rises above the 'Species' similarities that the movie trailer seemed to label it with.
Splice not human, not entirely film poster
Splice deserves four **** stars and deserves to be seen on the big screen.

Granted there's a bit of a predictable ending, but please studio execs can I ask that there's no Splice 2 - 'Re-spliced', 'Splice Twice' or the like. Just let the movie stand on its own as a well imagined piece of sci-fi.

Let's hope the summer holds more exciting movies like Splice...

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