Monday, June 28, 2010

A third heavenly host in the City of Angels...

This is my third round-up of angelic imagery around L.A. and I've chosen to showcase the statue that started it all, 'The Spirit of Los Angeles' bronze at The Grove.

The Spirit of Los Angeles
Spirit of Los Angeles angel statue
Whilst looking up at this glorious winged sculpture I got to wondering where were all the other angels in this affectionately named 'City of Angels'. And with that my Angel Quest about the streets of L.A. (and beyond), began, hunting out any angelic imagery, statues or signs that caught my eye.
Spirit of Los Angeles angels
The bronze sculpture by De L'Esprie has become the focal point of The Grove's Main Street and was commissioned in 2001 by the shopping center's developers. The work is also referred to as the 'Pillar to the Heavenlies' and atop its column the sculpture stands over 32 feet high.

Project Angel Food float at L.A. Pride 2010
Project Angel Food flag LA Pride 2010
Next up is a host of angel flags and a parade float for Project Angel Food atL.A.'s 40th Gay Pride Parade.
Project Angel Food LA Pride 2010
The charitable organisation provides meals daily in Los Angeles for people homebound or suffering from serious illness, like HIV/AIDS. The volunteers really are like angels ministering to people in their time of need.
Project Angel Food float LA Pride 2010
Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, near Pasadena, is also home to a whole host of outdoor angel statuary, from cheeky cherubs to winged Father Time, angel of death himself.
Woman blindfolded by cherub statue

Father Time
Father Time statue Huntington Gardens
The Huntington Gardens also have wonderful grounds with a fantastic selection of plants and flowers to explore.
Temple of Love silent cherub Huntington Gardens
I've also continued to spot angels in my local neighbourhood, in local retail store windows...
Ornamental cupid statue
Antique angel statue
Melrose Avenue in the City of Los Angeles has continued to be a great source of angel sightings in recent months, from angel signage...
John Fluevog shop window angelForgotten Saints angel of death
At times, when angel sightings have been thin on the ground, you consider everything from winged Egyptian gods like Isis on restaurant signs...
Amoon Ra Cafe Isis angels
To jewelry store images that could either be angels or Folie Bergere showgirls...
JR's Jewelers angel sign
Even Tooth Fairies start to look like angels when they have the right set of wings...
Tooth Fairy film billboard
In fact we started the year with a whole host of angel billboards and posters around L.A. for the horror-fantasy movie, Legion, featuring Paul Bettany as a fallen archangel...
Legion winged archangel movie billboard
Sadly it wasn't a very good film, but it did provide great angel visuals to enjoy.
Legion of angels posters
There was fantastic fashion featuring bound, dark angels in shop windows (but sadly not in my size)...
Dark bound angel tshirt
And there were even a couple of cherub angels for East L.A. math teacher Jaime Escalante, who sadly died on March 30, 2010. His true story of how he challenged the school system to educate his inner city students was made famous in the 1988 film, Stand and Deliver. These angels feature on a wall mural by Hector Ponce which is an homage to that film.
Hector Ponce mural angels
Finally for this round-up of angels, this angelic dog statue was a Christmas gift, celebrating my love of angel hunting and of Labradors.
Angelic dog statue
If you live in L.A., know of any famous angel landmarks here, or have spotted any angels on your travels when visiting, do drop me a line (or post a comment) and let me know of any sculptures, signs or angel imagery I've missed.

For now I'll keep my eyes peeled and hope for enough sightings for a fourth host of heavenly angels in the future...


Unknown said...

The Spirit of Los Angeles at at Echo park ,I think, the satute's hands are a defense posture and I believe no wings. So spirt? Angle? Also have you a picture of the Echo park satute?
Thanks. Renee

Jason in Hollywood said...

Sorry, no don't have a picture of the Echo Park statue

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